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A commodity found on the F8 markets screen.

As the most ubiquitous spacefaring species, humans prefer humanoids as slaves.
Various other races also put a premium upon humanoids, but they would rather have human slaves.

Traded in TCs & stored in the Cargo Hold for trade. The price includes the special container with life support installed.

Illegal to transport unless protected by special Navy or Gal-Cop permit.


The ethics of slavery were circumnavigated in some versions of Classic Elite which titled them "Robot Slaves" instead.

For those concerned about the ethical issues involved, try out the Illegal Goods Tweak OXP which, while introducing a new penalty for docking with contraband on board your ship, does allow you to hand them/it over and receive a small recompense in return.

Other concerns involve eating slaves (eg. lobstoids), the functioning of the slave trade, the existence of anti-slavery societies, etc.

New Cargoes OXP

New Cargoes is an OXP which allows trade specifically in such items as budget tourists and lobster slaves.

The major specific variants of the slaves commodity are

Budget Tourists: While it is illegal to transport tourists and other passengers in cryo-suspension in your ship's hold, this does provide a cheap way for people to see parts of the galaxy they could otherwise not afford. The high risks involved mean that Galcop is unlikely to decriminalise the practice any time soon, but even with the danger money paid to the hauler, it's still cheaper than a berth on a real liner.
Avian slaves
Feline slaves
Frog slaves
Insect slaves
Lizard slaves
Lobster slaves
Rodent slaves



  • Illegal Goods Tweak OXP - enables AI to enter your Ooniverse, greeting you when you enter a system with slaves on board (Capt. Murphy 2012-20)
  • GalCop Missions OXP - allows AI to send you on missions freeing slaves (Phkb 2017-21)
  • Escape Pod Slave Fix OXP prevents scooped escape pods from only holding slaves (Phkb 2018).
  • Refugee Adder - some of these are slavers rather than refugee carriers.
  • Mining OXP - buggy - managing slave-run mines



Note that Commander Maegil spent years dreaming up a Spartacus Brotherhood oxp which never got off the ground, but featured in early discussions.