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The original Rusty Ass Corroded Metal Dark Retro promotional teaser poster, shamelessly attempting to pique curiosity.

The Rusty Ass OXP, or fully styled Rusty Ass Corroded Metal Dark Retro OXP, is a ship retexture set expansion package by Murgh, and the dirty sister of Iron Ass OXP, utilising the original Aegidian models. When applied to the game, it adds corroded versions of the core ships in three manners of excessive rust.

Those ships that are inherently available for players may appear on the stations' ships market, but possibly at as low as 60% of the ship's normal cost, and therefore offering the brave commander an opportunity to trade upwards in ship stature, with the small sacrifice of appearing like riffraff. There is also the possibility of somewhat reduced performance and elevated maintenance costs. Nevertheless, probably worth it.

The media shows concern: Here the cover of What Spaceship?


This OXP painted on top of Iron Ass OXP and therefore also primarily a derivative work of the original datFile models of our preeminent founder Aegidian, dating back to 2004–05, with inspiration and *lore* inserts drawn from the text and images from Holdstock’s Elite Space Trader’s Flight Manual “Observer’s Guide to Ships in Service”, and the retro low poly (RELOPy) OXPs of Smivs.

It is also a bit of a reboot of Young Murgh's M-pack rusties (2004-06) which had precisely the same premise though the technical limitations of its day has also left it unintentionally aged, 18 years on. This update is not premature.

Those open to a more derelict, depleted, destitute and colourfully dystopic Oolite experience may consider running this OXP.


As the core set of Oolite ships are included, the usual selection of player available ships, the Adder, Anaconda, Asp, Boa, Boa Class Cruiser, Cobra Mk I, Cobra Mk III, Fer-de-Lance, Moray Star Boat, Moray Medical Boat, and the Python are made available at shipyard markets. These ships are in three distinct states of disrepair, and consequently have received a "condition grade" which will reflect both the price, performance and maintenance consequences.

These ships all fall in the grade range of 1-3: Grade 1 designates a ship in quite poor condition with significant damages –but functional and unlikely to explode; Grade 2 is a ship in subpar condition with some performance damage; Grade 3 is a ship in less than average condition with only minor performance issues. In comparison, a new ship at peak performance level would receive Grade 6, but those are found in other OXPs.


Gameplay and Balance Indicator


Cheaper cost and more expensive maintenance balance each other out.

But this does give the option of selling your new Cobra and replacing it with a second hand one - and a fistfull of credits to spend on better equipment or invest in commodities