Oolite Instruction Manual

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Installing the game

Note that from release 1.77 onwards two different release configurations are available for download: "deployment" which includes full optimisation and is most suitable for those just wanting to play the game, and "test" which includes additional debugging and development tools, and is intended for OXP development. If you are unsure, we recommend the "deployment release" - it is easy to convert it into a "test release" later.

More general links

A background to the game

  • Alien Items - A series of short stories which set the scene.
  • The Virtuous Misfortune - A story that sets the scene (now included in "Alien Items")
  • Status Quo - Elite came with a Novella called 'The Dark Wheel', which set the scene for the game. 'Status Quo' aims to do the same thing for 'Oolite', introducing Commander Jamesons to the 'Ooniverse'... Status Quo is the first part of a four part series known as the Oolite Saga.
  • Calliope - a Captain Hesperus adventure - An episode from the unorthodox life of the commander of the Dubious Profit
  • Powers and Organisations - Some histories of the various corporations and powers, both legal and illicit, that exist in the Oolite Galaxies.
  • Mr Gimlet - A wise Blue Frog aboard Lave Station has some tips for new Commanders.
  • The Rough Guide to the Ooniverse – A brief overview of the inhabitants, customs and cultures of Lave and other nearby worlds.

Playing the game

Technical help and troubleshooting