Location of Oolite saved settings

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Settings are saved in the player's applications default file on all platforms. Generally, you will never need to edit this file, since the settings saved in this file are chosen from places like the F2 in-game menu. The defaults file for Oolite contains things like the selected screen resolution, whether full screen is selected and joystick assignments. A rare occasion where you may need to edit this file is if you discover your hardware does not support Oolite in full screen mode, but no errors are returned to Oolite to tell the game that full screen mode could not be successfully entered. This is a rare occurence, but it is known to occasionally happen. (The defaults file is not removed when the game is uninstalled, so a problem caused by a setting in this file won't go away if you re-install the game).

Location of the defaults file

Mac OS X

On Mac OS X, your defaults are saved in the following location in your home folder:


Navigate to this location with the Finder, and double click on the 'org.aegidian.oolite.plist' file, and then edit the setting that is causing you trouble.

Linux, *BSD and UNIX

The defaults file is in the following location in your home directory:


Open the file with a text editor. Note that this is a 'dot file', so to see it in a directory listing you need to use 'ls -a', or if you're using GNOME or KDE, you need to set your file browser to display hidden files.

  • See here for details on editting this file.


The defaults file will be in your home folder (usually C:\Documents and Settings\your username) under the following path:


Open the file with a text editor to make changes.

  • See here for details on editting this file.