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Live long and prosper, and may the Great Bird of the Galaxy bless your planet! —THE PHOENIX {Talk to me!} 01:20, 21 February 2010 (UTC)

Ops Console

My current status in my various ventures.

On the Wiki

I am working on my userpage.


Planning them out and thinking them through.


Name: Commander Krenn

Location: Teanrebi (G1)

Destination: Tianve (5.2 LY)

Credits: 64,695.6

Legal Status: Clean

Elite Rating: Dangerous

Confirmed Kills: 775

Ship: "Starlancer" H-4 Trident Executive Shuttle

Cargo: 32 t Liquor/Wines, 20 t Radioactives, 11 kg Gold, 3 g Gemstones

Fore Weapon: Military Laser

Aft Weapon: Beam Laser (Hardwired)

Missiles: 3 Standard, 1 Fuel Tank

Equipment: Advanced Space Compass, Advanced Navigational Array, Anti-Missile System (Damaged, and not really worth the expense to repair*), Bounty Scanner, Docking Computers, ECM, Energy Bomb (Not generally used), Extra Energy Unit, Escape Pod, External Heat Shielding, Fuel Collector, Fuel Scoops, Large Cargo Bay, Military Shield Enhancement, Missile Analyser, Multi-Targeting System, Ore Processor, Planetary Landing Capability, Reticle Target Sensitive, Rock Hermit Scanner, Scanner Targeting Enhancement, Shield Boosters, To Be Continued

* Primarily because of the extreme expense of the darts (3,000 credits for a simple kinetic projectile, versus 30 for a standard missile and 350 for a ECM Hardened Missile, which it is designed to defeat)

Library Computer

About me, Phoenix (aka the Fleet Commander, the mysterious, enigmatic leader of PHOENIX (the company/organization), Commander Krenn (Phoenix's closest associate, sole confident, and personal agent, the PR "face" of PHOENIX, who is said by some to be merely the alter-ego of Phoenix himself), my character ingame, my Oolite experience and my hardware and Oolite-related software (i.e. the version and OXPs I have installed).

About Me

Greetings, one and all. I am a young teenage male human living in the United States near Washington, DC. I like reading (Science Fiction), writing (Science Fiction), drawing (Science Fiction), Macs, and eating healthy food. I don't like junk food, profanity, or Windoze PeeCees (and software developers who only write for them).


What I am, and shortly will be working on.

Current Status

Right now, I am working on my userpage, which I hope to finish very soon.

Upcoming Projects

Once that is complete, I will work on adding stats data to the many, many ship articles that are missing it, as well as copying over Read Me information, and/or giving a basic assessment of the ship's capabilities and suggested role, but not going into detail, especially not about its background (eg. The Eagle Mk. II is a a fast, maneuverable fighter with a low price, but it has poor shields, low cargo capacity, and limited upgrade capacity. A light fighter, suggested for use as a beginning bounty hunter or combat vessel, but performs poorly in most other roles. Use the extra cash from selling your Cobra to equip it with a full loadout of combat equipment, especially shield boosters, if you want to survive more than a few pirate attacks.) This is sort of like a third party review of the ship, and will only be added if the page has no other information, and there is none in the Read Me file or in the forums; or, if there is content on the page other than stats, if the creator of the ship approves it.


My more long term plans.

Forthcoming OXPs

I also have plans for several OXPs, including ship OXPs featuring the ships of PHOENIX, (the company, when it's in capital letters) which, at least at first, will be variants of native and (with permission) OXP ships, several novel missiles and defensive systems (including a shield missile), several stations related to PHOENIX, and some missions. I will add a more comprehensive list of the OXPs I plan to release soon, after I get some real work done.

Future Plans

I eventually plan to release PHOENIX versions of the various ship OXPs out there, using an updated version of the Realistic Shipyards price computation formula. Similar to RS, (and, I presume, OSE) I plan on using, as a base, the ship price computation formula and tech level ranges, etc, with some minor tweaking, Unlike RS, it will have the most new and updated versions of each ship OXP.

There will also be adjustments for each ship's prestige/luxury, design, resale value/age/condition, etc. A classic example is the Josher. While it is a significant upgrade from the Cobra 3, the high RS price does not take into account it's revolting design, significant lack of prestige, and, more practically, its extremely poor resale price and condition, and high maintenance costs. With that criteria taken into account, the ship is significantly, if not drastically overpriced, by 25,000 to 50,000 credits.

Another example on the other extreme is the Fer-de-Lance. Its price is closer to the most realistic price, but is still somewhat under what it should be priced at. The FdL, while not having as stellar stats as its reputation suggests it has, nevertheless is priced by ZPG to match that reputation. It has a sleek exterior, and, we are told, thoughtful, luxurious interior design. It is a fairly new ship, in good condition, and has a fairly high resale value. Most importantly, it is viewed as a mark of status, class, and prestige, not only by the purchaser, but by other Ooliters, and is perfect fodder for boasting ("Forget you Cobra Jamesons, forget you Asp jockeys, forget you Python truckers — my ride is a top-of-the-line Fer-de-Lance!") However, the price is lower and more "reasonable," then it would stop being a symbol of a Elite bounty hunter, and more of a run-of-the-mill fighter, pirate, or courier.

This will be fairly flexible and primarily based on the information in the ship's wiki page and Read Me, and input from its creator, if available. I do not expect the range of total variation of these variables to be over 25% for increases and 20% for decreases, but there may be some exceptions. If none of this information is available, I will use the starting resale value, any information I have about the company that produced it, the original price of the ship, and the (subjective, but my mother is a graphic artist) attractiveness of the design of the ship to vary the price by a much smaller amount, around 5%-10% max.

The most important differences between this and OSE, however, is that the ships will be packaged in the same manner as their original OXPs, i.e. they will be in the same separate packages they were in originally. This alleviates one of the main disadvantages of RS and OSE, that you don't get to pick and choose your OXPs, which is the entire reason that they aren't just included in the basic game to begin with. This also will greatly reduce the time needed to be spent on the project.

I will give the author the main credit for the OXP, and just mention that the price, tech-level, and equipment compatibility of the ship were varied from the original specs. I will make it clear, though, that unless the author says otherwise, that the OXP is not the official version or authorized by them. When this project is started, I will contact the author of each ship OXP that I plan to release modified versions of and ask them for their permission, and if they wish to "adopt" the Phoenix version as the official one. If they do not respond within 30 days to all the various methods that are available to contact them, I will assume they will not assert ownership of the OXP and publish the Phoenix version alongside the original. If the ships in the OXP are poorly modeled/textured, I will modernize them, according to the standards of Neolites and FC Textures, respectively, and possibly tweak stats, bounty, etc. if the author gives permission or no one responds within 30 days.

Please note that all this is just long term plans, and may never be executed.