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There are a number of different sports which were initially mentioned in Classic Elite - in the planet descriptions. The lore has been added to by Fiction, OXPs such as Famous Planets (extra planet descriptions) or The Assassins Guild OXP with its Zarausxeian Zero-G Hockey Team Fan Club. Then there are the adumbrations of this wiki itself.

From the Rough Guide to the Ooniverse.

In a universe as diverse as ours a full range of sports and entertainments would take up several thousand volumes. However, there are some interesting diversions that are worth noting.

Swamp Rugby.png

Firstly, Zero-G hockey, the galactic sport is currently enjoying it's 150th Galactic championship. Here, the top 32 systems "battle" it out to see who can lift the coveted Galactic Cup. Systems have to enter a "world" team (made up of the best players in their system) for qualification. This prestigious tournament, held every four years, is the number one event and this year, Zaonce have qualified for the first time in over 70 years. Zero-G has a long and fascinating history and it is well worth checking out Zero-G: The Definitive Guide - Past, Present and Future 44th Edition, Published by Trantor House, Lave

As well as Zero-G hockey there are literally hundreds of sports available to watch and participate in. Of particular note is the growth of rugby. Once this was a popular sport on old Earth but had declined to the point of extinction. Now, a consortium of businessmen (names, unfortunately, withheld from publication) are pumping millions of credits into this ancient sport. In just a few short years this sport has grown in popularity. If you get a chance attend a game and witness one of the sports of yesteryear.

As well as sports there are a variety of outposts you can visit and relax in. In some systems you'll find the HoOpy Casinos. Once regarded as a bit of harmless fun, now they are a multi-billion credit industry and the premium outlet for all your gambling needs.

(Rough Guide to the Ooniverse)

List of Sports

Enforcing the ZGH Spectators Act
Famous for the Zero-G Cricket!
Vacuum Karate

This list contains all references in the Vanilla game's Galaxy 1 and some of the more significant entries in the rest of The Eight.


Qutiri (Rough Guide): Bob-sleighing is also popular, and there are several mountain slopes with runs of great renown - the southern side of Mount Tironos for example.


  • Sector1/Ceedra: The Fierce Lizards of Ceedra have been engaged in what appears to outsiders as a deadly civil war for many years. In fact, due to their extreme regenerative abilities, native fatalities are rare, and the conflict is seen as a combination of sport and religious ritual. Visitors who do not share the Ceedran's resilience are advised to wear full combat armour at all times. (Famous Planets)


• Vacuum Cricket

  • Sector1/Ribiso: This planet is fabled for its exciting vacuum cricket.
Ribiso invented vacuum cricket, and for many centuries was the undisputed galactic champion. Their recent decision to allow the rules to be translated and the kit exported has led to a few of the richer systems putting together their own teams, and for the first time Ribiso's lead is no longer a foregone conclusion. (Famous Planets)
Teraed's Galaxy Dome

• Zero-gravity Cricket

  • Sector1/Azaqu: The planet Azaqu is most famous for its ... Zero-G cricket.
The planetary sport is Zero-G cricket, and the Az-es trophy is contested annually with nearby Leesti. (Famous Planets)
  • Sector1/Aruszati: This planet is noted for Zero-G cricket.
  • Sector1/Gerete: This world is most fabled for Zero-G cricket but cursed by unpredictable solar activity.
  • Sector1/Leesti: The planet Leesti is reasonably fabled for Zero-G cricket
  • Sector1/Teraed: The Galaxy Dome with 3.2 million seats (estimated) is one of the biggest Zero-G Cricket venues in the sector (Famous Planets)
  • Sector1/Tianve: Zero-gee Cricket and all related sporting equipment is banned on Tianve in order to preserve equanimity for the native feline population.
  • Sector1/Veisti: The planet Veisti is reasonably noted for its inhabitants' eccentric shyness and Zero-G cricket.
  • Sector7/Ceor: Being near a major trade route Ceor benefits from easy access for the millions of fans of its Zero-G Cricket, which the planet is noted for. (Famous Planets)
  • Sector7/Raedre: The fun to be had on this planet is never ending. For industrialists they certainly know how to relax. The main choice is the highly popular, Zero-G cricket, with the Ceorans their biggest rivals. (Famous Planets)


• Mud-hockey

  • Qutiri (Rough Guide): There have been attempts to cultivate interest in mud-hockey, but sadly the mud keeps on freezing over, somewhat spoiling the spectacle.
  • Sector7/Artesore: The human colonials on Artesore are not the cleanest of individuals with the main game of the planet being mud hockey. It really is a filthy sport being played on farmers fields once the livestock has been moved on. (Famous Planets)

• Zero-gravity Hockey

See description above from the Rough Guide

  • Sector1/Celabile: The planet Celabile is most famous for the Celabileian evil poet and Zero-G hockey.
  • Sector1/Esesla: This planet is noted for Zero-G hockey.
  • Sector1/Esveor: Esveor is mildly famous for its pink oceans and Zero-G hockey.
  • Isence (Rough Guide): the Vangoruthi are renowned for their bulk, their equanimity and their enjoyment of Zero-gravity hockey. At the time of writing this guide, the Murasidi had just decided to build a national stadium in Vorhusith to allow their teams to compete with each other in grandiose style. This will be the first such on the planet.
  • Sector1/Isti: The planet Isti is reasonably noted for its inhabitants' eccentric shyness and Zero-G hockey.
  • Sector1/Zaonce: This year, Zaonce have qualified for the first time in over 70 years.
  • Sector4/Isquinza: reasonably noted for Zero-G hockey; manufactures Zero-G Hockey sticks and other sports equipment
  • The Galactic Zero-G Hockey Association: based in Sector7/Tiared

The sport of Zero-G Hockey is extremely popular in galaxy 7, with a Galactic Cup Competition being held every year. The large lizards of the Tiared System are known to be particularly obsessed with this strange pastime. Amongst Zero-G Hockey Fans however, the system is best known as the headquarters of the Galactic Zero-G Hockey Association.
Situated on the northern continent of the planet, the association organizes the annual Galactic Cup and its members provide stewards and referees with training. Competition for the system hosting the cup is supposedly decided upon merit, although many complain that the hosting is fixed, Tiared having hosted the last five competitions.


  • Sector7/Gebequat: The large Lizards on Gebequat are known for their appetite. As such the only thing to really fill the need is the Gebequatian Wolf Cutlet. The Gebequatians take great pride in the hunting of their food and they have all manner of rituals concerning the capture and kill. What makes it more exciting for the hunter is the frequent earthquakes that happen with alarming regularity. (Famous Planets)


• Vacuum Karate

Vacuum Karate
  • Sector1/Anerbe: The world Anerbe is reasonably fabled for its exciting vacuum karate
  • Sector5/Zaeredre: This world is noted for its exciting vacuum karate.
  • Sector6/Ormala: This planet is fabled for its exciting vacuum karate.


Chicane time trials, Dodge derbies, Drag races & Marathons.
An entire suite of oxps has been constructed around this sport. Click here for more details.

• Canyon Races

Sector2/Zageuser is famous for its exciting canyon races and has countless canyons across its fractured surface. The deepest are almost nine kilometres deep. The canyon races are dangerous but very popular. The candidates fly at high speed though an obstacle course, though only small fighters and fast planetary jets are allowed to take part. Potential entrants are advised to watch a race before entering and to note well the typical 45% fatality rate before making a final decision. The event takes place alongside the Zagueser Space Cuisine festival. (Famous Planets)


See description above from the Rough Guide

• Swamp Rugby

• Zero-gravity Rugby

These three Planet Scanner pages date back to 2009. An unfinished project.


Qutiri (Rough Guide): Shooting is a popular sport - especially duelling with waxen bullets. Special face masks are often worn to prevent damage to the eyes, but the "True Toms" deign to lower themselves in this regard.

Snowball fights

Tibecea (Rough Guide): Every fifth Hundredth Day there is a snowball competition between the denizens of the Eight Octants. The populace, dressed in their traditional fur coats, assemble at the lower plateau of Mount Ahruman. As they watch, the regional champions roll a large snowball up the lower slopes of the Mountain, accumulating mass as they roll. It is not unknown for the opposition to secretly ice part of the slopes, in the hope that the opposing champions will slip and be crushed beneath their snowball as it reverses and makes its way back down the slope. The largest snowball to make it to the top wins the championship (within the time specified by the Knucklebones of Negation) and the regional roller is feted on the triumphant return to their octant. It is not unknown for fights to occur when matters look as though they have been manipulated in one interest or another, and the death toll can run into the dozens.
It is also not uncommon for the Minor Council to purposefully arrange for a snowball competition for visiting dignitaries, to provide sport and honour them with a spectacle. The last such ... lasted for three hours and witnessed 39 deaths (three by defenestration), eighty-seven shattered limbs and forty-four broken ribs. It was widely acclaimed as one of the best such spectacles for several decades.


• Mud Tennis

  • Sector2/Erlaened: Erlaenadian Mud Tennis is known throughout the sector and the friendly birds of this planet are extremely good at it. The yearly Royal mud tennis championship is a four week tournament held in the capital Fuut. The winning team can take the massive golden egg to their home planet for one year. Visitors are advised that shiny reflective objects of any type are banned on Erlaenaded, and invitations to 'feather the nest' should be politely declined at all costs. (Famous Planets)
  • Sector6/Orteed: Orteed's harmless slimy frogs appear regularly to contest Wimbledoon. They never seem to win.
  • Sector7/Gexean: The humans on this planet are obsessed with entertainment and have traditions going back for thousands of years. They are avid climbers and have called all their ancient mountains above three thousand metres Munros. They also have a weird habit of playing Mud Tennis on the top of these high peaks. (Famous Planets)
  • Sector7/Esarxeve: The small green insects of Esarxeve have a colossal inferiority complex. They seem to resent being across The Great Rift. Not even the ancient mountains are enough to keep the mass exodus from the planet. But they are more than proficient at the Mud Tennis Wimbledoon. (Famous Planets)

Tournament of Nobles

Zero-G Commie Cup

  • Sector2/Resori: Resori is the host of the Galaxy 2 Zero-G Commie Cup in which only communistic teams are allowed to participate. Resorians believe that only through sportsmanship can a citizen become the perfect comrade. (Famous Planets)

Game Code

The sports are derived from the Galaxy Seeds - see Random number generator. "The Elite-style RNG is not very good for this sort of chain: there are, for instance, 25 sports theoretically possible, but only 6 of them actually show up, and two of those are extremely rare." Cim (2012): the possible combinations of "ice", "mud", "Zero-G", "vacuum", & "ultra" with "hockey", "cricket", "karate", "polo" & "tennis".