The Great Rift

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Capt Solo's chart of Galaxy 7 (Jaftra) showing the Great Rift - with his routes

The Great Rift separates the un-named region in the lower left hand corner of the Galaxy from the rest (it is more than 7ly from one side of the rift to the other - and hence unjumpable by hyperdrive/witchdrive engine). CaptSolo named the region as the Baying Wolf region, but it does not seem to have caught on.

The The Rubicon Crossroad & The Five Point Trade Barrier are regions on the lost side of the rift (named by ClymAngus in his authoritative maps). There is one Space Route: the Far Rift Reach.

There are almost 30 solar systems there.



Okti wrote 3 OXPs facilitating travel across the Great Rift:

  • OresratiChallenge
  • OneWayTicket2Oresrati
  • LinkG7
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The Great Rift