Planet Scanner

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Violations with other versions of Canon are expected. 
This OXP was begun in 2009. Only the wiki pages were published (no BB thread, no .oxp).


A moderately large ship like the Cobra Mk. III can be outfitted to allow deep reconnaissance missions and exploration beyond the GalCop-sanctioned home worlds. By a combination of sensitive full-range electromagnetic scanners and subscriptions to various data bases (including inaccurate and out-of-date census data) a more complete view of each planetary system is possible. Such equipment allows the individual trader/explorer to venture beyond GalCop authorized Space Stations and engage in other activities besides GalCop regulated trading.

Needless to say, most members of the Galactic Cooperative do not wish to have their non-home worlds to be sources of interest to out-of-system visitors. In addition, most will not tolerate - with various degrees of resistance - interference by outsiders in non GalCop-sanctioned activities.

Scanner results

Early prototype trials of this scanner are on-going with only a few systems in each Galaxy documented:


Not available for purchase. 
Anticipate purchase only allowed at Multi-governments GalCop Space Stations with sufficiently high TL to facilitate its installation.
Price: Not set
Techlevel: 12