Sector2/The Fertile Crescent (Region)

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Like many things in the 8, The Fertile Crescents' name only hints at the true nature of the region. It is true, that a high proportion of the worlds within, are agricultural to a greater or lesser degree. It is also true that few commanders working within it's bounds live much beyond their first five years of trading. With the profitable runs (such as they are) also being the most dangerous, this deceptive region has an incredibly high ration of lawless worlds to ordered ones. Topographically it is a wonder anyone bothers to go there at all. Long fuel draining jumps into the crescent link to Anarchic or Feudal systems ONLY. From there the only safe harbour is Laraisso or maybe Riardi (but given it's position, getting there is something of a challenge in itself). Trading options are sparse, profits light and there is a real chance of even the most experienced trader suffering from trade Contango (where the arrogate costs of trading are more than the profit secured by trading).

Getting out is almost as difficult as getting in. The jumps out are long and arduous and only 2 of the 5 destinations available are technically "safe". A lot of people die in the Crescent just trying to keep their head above water, or trying to making the money to get out again. If you're delivering into the crescent from the outside it is advisable to have an exit strategy or two (at the very least a fuel scoop and a bit of extra cash for running repairs).


The Fertile Crescent is a region in the far eight o'clock corner of Sector 2. It consists of the systems Ausis, Cerisoma, Lemaed, Inoran, Anama, Atrazama, Laraisso, Lainor, Oneded, Tiises, Xerirea, and Riardi.

ID Name HC Position Gov. Eco. TL Prod. Pop. Inhabitants
0002:0 Ausis 4 (4,180) 2Logo64 MultiGovernment.png 4Logo64 MainlyAgricultural.png 05Logo TL5s.png 00066246624 MCr 2.3 Bln. Blue Slimy Lobsters
0472:47 Cerisoma 2 (2,182) 3Logo64 Dictatorship.png 6Logo64 AverageAgricultural.png 06Logo TL6s.png 00067206720 MCr 3.0 Bln. Fierce Yellow Fat Humanoids
2172:217 Lemaed 5 (10,190) 2Logo64 MultiGovernment.png 6Logo64 AverageAgricultural.png 05Logo TL5s.png 00048004800 MCr 2.5 Bln. Large Harmless Fat Humanoids
2132:213 Inoran 6 (21,184) 0Logo64 Anarchy.png 2Logo64 PoorIndustrial.png 07Logo TL7s.png 00069126912 MCr 2.7 Bln. Yellow Furry Humanoids
1902:190 Anama 6 (21,190) 1Logo64 Feudal.png 6Logo64 AverageAgricultural.png 04Logo TL4s.png 00032003200 MCr 2.0 Bln. Bony Felines
0302:30 Atrazama 8 (29,197) 1Logo64 Feudal.png 7Logo64 PoorAgricultural.png 03Logo TL3s.png 00020402040 MCr 1.7 Bln. Black Slimy Frogs
1352:135 Laraisso 7 (19,204) 7Logo64 CorporateState.png 4Logo64 MainlyAgricultural.png 11Logo TL11s.png 002745627456 MCr 5.2 Bln. Human Colonials
1372:137 Lainor 6 (23,223) 2Logo64 MultiGovernment.png 7Logo64 PoorAgricultural.png 05Logo TL5s.png 00037443744 MCr 2.6 Bln. Human Colonials
2542:254 Oneded 6 (24,232) 1Logo64 Feudal.png 2Logo64 PoorIndustrial.png 07Logo TL7s.png 00089608960 MCr 2.8 Bln. Harmless Slimy Lobsters
0642:64 Tiises 4 (19,242) 2Logo64 MultiGovernment.png 2Logo64 PoorIndustrial.png 10Logo TL10s.png 001574415744 MCr 4.1 Bln. Green Bug-eyed Birds
1102:110 Xerirea 5 (13,237) 1Logo64 Feudal.png 7Logo64 PoorAgricultural.png 03Logo TL3s.png 00020402040 MCr 1.7 Bln. Large Green Slimy Lizards
2252:225 Riardi 2 (4,231) 6Logo64 Democracy.png 7Logo64 PoorAgricultural.png 04Logo TL4s.png 00062406240 MCr 2.6 Bln. Human Colonials
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