Sector2/Takla Makan (Region)

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This void is a naturally occurring area of empty space restricting the access between the inner and outer parts of Galaxy Sector 2. Given sentients love for naming things (even great big areas of nothing), this void was given the designation Takla Makan meaning Point of no return, Desert of death or abandoned place, depending on your make of ancient language translator.


The Takla Makan is a region devoid of any chartered systems in the central to outer 5 o'clock region of Galaxy Sector 2. The systems that define its edge (running from the left clockwise) are;

Sosole, Eringe, Atragees, Zabeso, Beraer, Zaedvera, Leorgeri, Rienla, Xelaed, Cerare, Solaed, Usdive, Dixeza, Inerra, Inbibe, Maisso, Beanen, Esrasoce, Gema, Vezadi, Xeabiti, Errius, Ercetidi, Zalaqura, Zavezaon, Eszara, Beedbeon.



In the novel Kaxgar by Cody, an unchartered system named "Kaxgar" is located in the Takla Makan region. It can be reached by forcing a misjump between Inbibe and Maisso and taking a 6.8ly jump from there, which of course needs a modified navigation computer with the coordinates of the system.

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