Assassin Shipset Pack

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Adds ships from Random Hits, Feudal States and other ship OXPs to the Ooniverse for ambiance and challenge on the parcel and passenger missions.


Inspired by spara's Random Hits Shipset OXP, also by the various authors' ships OXPs.

This OXP introduces:

  • dangerous assassins in more wealthy anarchy systems.
  • wild feudal raiders in feudal systems;
  • armoury and stealth ships in higher tech-level unstable systems (Multi-Government, Dictatorship, Communist);

So this OXP adds more regional specificity for the assassins roles, even assigning them a home system (WIP)!

  • These ships may also make incursions into systems within 7 LY range from their home system.
  • Feudal ships specifications are slightly rebalanced. Probability of incursions depends on the local system government: more stable systems are safer.
  • Also added these sniper gun ships (Asp SG and Ferdelance SG) as an external dependency into the RH(Random Hits) missions.

Required OXP's

You need Random Hits, Feudal States and Thargoid's Stealth OXPs/OXZs installed to use this OXP!

Optional OXP's

Expanding the amount of armoury and stealth ships

The expansion of the amount of ships by steps:
Decrease a weight of roles slightly in the shipdata-overrides.plist.
Increase a weight of role and adjustment of the spawning by condition script in the selective systems.
            - Aphid, Cobra Clipper, Cobra Rapier, Cobra Cutlass.
  • Staer9's Shipset v1.3.3 (oolite.oxp.staer9.staer9_shipset) will add 13 ships to the RH-missions.

Released the some a laser setting from this OXP for the armoury and stealth ships.

If New lasers OXP is not installed, then this OXP attempts to setup the default laser (Pulse, Beam, Military), otherwise one sometimes gets a heavy-weapon assassin in the gameplay (seen shipdata.plist).

The some ship included to the blacklist for avoid a weapons setup by worldscript.

Interaction with Missions OXPs:

Testing an interaction with the GalCop Missions OXP for appearing assassins in the Hit Team(WIP).
Testing an interaction with the GC Most Wanted OXP for appearing armoury and stealth ships with assassin roles in the GC MW list(WIP).
Adds the armoury and stealth ships to RandomHits-mission. For the marks and hunters was disabled a condition regional limitations.
Also this pack for RandomHits-mission will added:
- Adds the GalTech Escort Fighter(level 1) and pilots from the Feudal States OXP(level 1) to marks role.
- Adds the Barracuda as big boss fighter, big boss, mark(2), markguard, mark revenge, patrol.
- Adds the DTT Tomahawk, DTT Wraith, Sonoran, Super Sidewinder to big boss fighter, mark, markguard, mark revenge, patrol.
- Adds the Sidewinder(from oolite-core as stealth ship) to marks guard.
- Adds the Sidewinder from the Z-GrOovY Variety Pack OXP to marks role(level 1, 2), markguard, mark revenge and big boss fighter.
- Adds pilots with sniper guns (Sniper Guns OXP, by Norby). Addition to sets - big boss fighter, big boss guard, big boss, mark, markguard, revenge, patrol. The Iguana SG, Asp SG and Ferdelance SG are added to the level 3 ships in the RH-classification of the marks. The Krait SG and Boa SG are added to the level 2 marks.
- Adds a new role: 'random_hits_attack_fighter' for small fighter.
- Adds the GalTech Escort Fighter to small fighters (as GalTech Interceptor to worm missile and escort fighter).
- Sometimes marks has a 8 Ship-Launched Fighters (Light, Swarm, Raider, GalTech Interceptor, Shark(2) and King(2) : like external dependency from the Fighters OXP, by Norby) as the Worm Attack Drone ('random_hits_attackworm_MISSILE' role with little weightings).
- Adds the Anaconda, Boa, Boa Mk2, Boa SG to marks with ship-launched fighters and with small escort fighters.
- Adds 3 drones like worm missile (external dependency from the Armoury OXP, Thargoid).

Special Note

This OXP is what is called a "work-in-progress". What that means is, what you have in your hands may not be the final version of the OXP. In fact there might be parts that are broken and could potentially unbalance the game. This isn't by-design, and hopefully there aren't any issues like that, but be aware that in many ways this is an experimental OXP. I'm changing a lot of core functionality which opens the door for all sorts of unforeseen consequences, particularly when it comes to other OXP's. If you decide to help me in the process of polishing this package, please report any bugs or unexpected outcomes. Don't assume someone else has noticed it - if two people report a bug it makes tracking the bug down so much easier!


  • Some assassins have an naval energy unit (NEU) simulated with an energy recharge rate equal to 10.79 (4.15 * 2.6).
  • So, for correct settings of the recharge rates it is recommended to install the N-Shields or NPC Energy Units (upgrade needed) OXPs, etc.


This OXP is discussed at these forum links:


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Version History

  • 30.12.2019 - Version 0.3.0
- Clearing and corrected errors in shipdata.plist.
- Corrects the mechanics for spawnArmouryAssassins and spawnFeudalAssassins.
  • 16.05.2019 - Version 0.2.2
- Adds the Sidewinder(oolite-core-ship) and Sidewinder from the Z-GrOovY Variety Pack OXP.
- Adds the Wolf Mark I(from the Simon B's Favorites OXP) and Wolf Mark II to armoury ships.
- Improvement of the Drone AI for correctly set as escort. Set scanner range for Captured Thargons to 25km.
- Improvement the routines for set bounty in main script.
- Set 'telescope = 1;' in script_info the Sonoran, Sidewinder, Super Sidewinder(as stealth ship) and Drones(as small entity then usual ship) for detect in only normal scanner range.
Addition to the RH missions:
- Adds the Sidewinder from the Z-GrOovY Variety Pack OXP to marks roles and etc.
  • 15.04.2019 - Version 0.2.1
- Adds the interaction with GalCop Missions OXPs for Hit Team Assassins.
- Divided the some ships on the assassin and pirate roles. For assassins set bounty to zero.
- Fix an error ship name, corrected a max energy in feudals ships.
- Adjusted in shipdata vars: pilot, script_info(randomshipnames and skilled_npc_role), disable label 'extra' in the RH-ship name.
  • 06.04.2019 - Version 0.2.0
Addition to the RH missions:
- Adds a new lasers for some marks (fixed in the main script and ship scripts).
- Adds Captured Thargons for extraMissile.
- Logging is off.
  • 24.12.2018 - Version 0.1.9
Addition to the RH missions:
- Sets an escape-capsule model for non-mark roles (for avoid a log errors in the Plasma era).
- Added the GalTech Escort Fighter to small fighters (as GalTech Interceptor to worm missile and escort fighter).
- Added the Worm Attack Drone and Adder to small fighters (like small fighter) for greater variety into escort fighter.
- Added 2 drones like worm missile (external dependency from the Armoury OXP, Thargoid).
- Added the Boa, Boa Mk2, Boa SG, GalTech Escort Fighter(level 1) to mark.
- Added a pilots from the Feudal States OXP(level 1) to mark role.
Other tweaks:
- Adds the templates for feudal ships.
- Adds '_setStealthToShip' and '_safeSystemsForShipset' function to main script and stealth-shipset script.
- Adjustments an energy recharge rate for order to correctly simulated Naval Energy Unit(NEU) with NPC Military Shield Enhancer(MSE) in Barracuda and Super Sidewinder.
- Formatted the JS code: AIs, plist and scripts.
  • 31.10.2018 - Version 0.1.8
addition to the RH missions
- Added the DTT Tomahawk to the list of the RH-targets (level 1).
- The Ferdelance SG are added to the Level 3 Ships in the RH-classification of the marks(level 3).
- Added a 8 fighters (Light, Swarm, Raider, GalTech Interceptor, Shark and King : external dependency from the Fighters OXP, Norby) as the worm missile ('random_hits_attackworm_MISSILE' role).
- Other small fixes.
  • 27.10.2018 - Version 0.1.7
addition to the RH missions
- Added the pack's ships and sniper gun ships(asp-sg and ferdelance-sg) to the RH missions (fighters, marks, hunters and etc.).
- Fixed an error adjacent system in the condition script for assassins from anarchy system.
- Added the script_info in the shipdata for randomshipnames.
- Added a condition script for the some RH-ships.
  • 27.12.2017 - Version 0.1.6
- Added the Asp SG, Constrictor SG, Ferdelance SG (from Sniper Gun and Sniper Gun Rebalancer OXPs, by Norby) ships.
- Added the some ships to stealth roles.
  • 08.12.2017 - Version 0.1.5
- Added encode and decode personality for save information about weapons, equipments for GC MW escorts.
- The military jammer is disabled for Barracuda and in the ship script due to got heavy ship and no scanning capability him by warrant scanner.
  • 06.12.2017 - Version 0.1.4
- Moved the ship script function for setting a equipments, wanted ship vars into the worldScript.
- Adjustments the setting the New Lasers. Reorder of list lasers.
- Added the update of the ship data in game-time for correct integration with GC MW OXP.
- Fixed the setting weapon for hunter role.
  • 05.12.2017 - Version 0.1.3
- Enable an addition of escorts in GC MW list at the assassin leader.
- Moved the ship script functions for setting a roles, AI, bounty, weapons into the worldScript.
- Added integration options for "Bounty System" OXP: add _hiddenBounty property to ships (in prev. version old name - initBounty).
- Added calculates an array of safe systems for shipset(enable for assassin roles).
- Adjustments a chance for set equipments for armoury assassins.
- Bug fixes.
  • 01.12.2017 - Version 0.1.2
- Add transparent value in exhaust emission colour for ship Barracuda.
- Fixed a names for D.T.T. Ship Builders Inc. ships.
- Addition escorts in GC MW list is disabled due to errors of the spawning escorts after jump.
- Bug fixes.
  • 29.11.2017 - Version 0.1.1
- Added integration options for "Bounty System - Most Wanted" OXP (armoury assassins: ship script + condition script) and "Thargoids Warfare" OXP(condition script).
- Added a logging switch for set AI, weapons.
- Code refactoring and some clearing.
  • 15.11.2017 - Version 0.1.0
- Ship script: Added setting the ship's crew of the escape pod for replaced bounty to more value (legal status + init bounty).
- Clearing a code. Delete a some comments [1].
  • 14.11.2017 - Version 0.0.9
- Added a part code from stealth ships script to feudal ship script for check autoWeapons, bounty and AI.
- Adjustments a bounty and max energy of the feudal ships.
  • 13.11.2017 - Version 0.0.8
- Added worldscript blacklist for set weapons.
- For escape-pod of the stealth ships added routines to addition a bounty by re-setup of crew.
- Fixed a error shipKeys.
  • 12.11.2017 - Version 0.0.7
- Optimized a scripts for case: New lasers OXP is not installed. Added a level 6: FM, [NONE, AB] (not used in defaul default core-function).
- Adjustments the Super-Sidewinder (light and medium roles) for new version of the Super Sidewinder OXP. Edited a shipKey for some ships.
- Added the Pitviper 2 like a hunter medium.
- Modified an exhaust and exhaust colour for Barracuda (test).
  • 11.11.2017 - Version 0.0.6
- Corrected to routines for check AI and addition of new lasers.
- Decrease a weight of roles slightly in the shipdata-overrides.plist.
- Adjustments to shipdata.plist file.
  • 10.11.2017 - Version 0.0.5
- Assigned the ship script for stealth ships (ship_assassin_tech_shipset.js) to the optional ships.
- Adjustments to routines for addition of new lasers for stealth ships.
- Added a bounty for optional ships in higher tech-level systems.
- Fixed some shipKey and roles for compatibility with routines to addition of new lasers.
  • 09.11.2017 - Version 0.0.4
- Added a routines to addition of new lasers for stealth ships (Barracuda) in the script: ship_assassin_tech_shipset.js.
- Adjustments to shipdata.plist file.
  • 07.11.2017 - Version 0.0.3.
- Added the ship script for feudal ship (ship_assassin_feudal_shipset.js).
- Added routines to check bounty for assassin ship based on the oolite-populator rules.
- Updates to shipdata for feudal and stealth raider ships(ship script, script_info, add roles, etc.).
  • 03.11.2017 - Version 0.0.2.
- Set weight of assassin roles to value 0.05 for ships from Random Hits Shipset OXP.
  • 02.11.2017 - Version 0.0.1. Initial beta-release.


  • This OXP is released under the Creative Commons Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike 4.0 license.

You are free to use and distribute this OXP on non-commercial basis. Rebundling of this OXP within another distribution is permitted as long as it is unchanged. Any mods/derivatives of this OXP must be distributed under another names. The license information (either as this file or merged into a larger one) must be included in the OXP.

Credits and Thanks

  • Spara - Random Hits Shipset boss spawn code.
  • Ramirez - Feudal States.
  • Stranger - Feudal Raiders.
  • Thargoid - Stealth.
  • Phkb - GalCop's Most Wanted.
  • And all's authors of the additional ships OXP.

The Dark Side

  • Unzip and read the ReadMe for more information

Gameplay and Balance Indicator


While these McNasties apparently do not bother you so much if you just ignore them as a starting player (they are too expensive to hire for them to go after you for your early contracts)! But as you get more lucrative contracts, or if you do start fighting, they are really rather vicious!