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Logo64 Communism.png Rilace Logo64 RichAgricultural.png
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GalCat ID: 1:222
Location: 81,133 in the near nine o'clock direction of GalSector 1
Government: Communism
Economy: Rich Agricultural
Technology Level: 6
Population: 3 Billion
(Human Colonials)
Productivity: 9600 MCr
Planet Radius: 6481km
Location of Rilace in Sector 1
The world Rilace is a dull world.
Old Galactic Catalogue Entry for 1:222 (Rilace)

Witchspace Routes

There are 7 direct Witchspace Routes from/to Rilace:

Destination Distance Gov. Eco. TL Pop. Prod
Ontimaxe 6.0 LY 6Logo64 Democracy.png 4Logo64 MainlyAgricultural.png 07Logo TL7s.png 3.5 Bln. 01680016800 MCr
Atrabiin 6.0 LY 2Logo64 MultiGovernment.png 2Logo64 PoorIndustrial.png 07Logo TL7s.png 2.9 Bln. 01113611136 MCr
Terea 6.4 LY 4Logo64 Communism.png 5Logo64 RichAgricultural.png 06Logo TL6s.png 3.0 Bln. 0096009600 MCr
Usle 6.8 LY 5Logo64 Confederacy.png 3Logo64 MainlyIndustrial.png 09Logo TL9s.png 4.1 Bln. 02066420664 MCr
Uscela 5.2 LY 5Logo64 Confederacy.png 5Logo64 RichAgricultural.png 08Logo TL8s.png 3.9 Bln. 01404014040 MCr
Maregeis 4.0 LY 1Logo64 Feudal.png 3Logo64 MainlyIndustrial.png 07Logo TL7s.png 2.9 Bln. 0081208120 MCr
Beusrior 6.4 LY 5Logo64 Confederacy.png 2Logo64 PoorIndustrial.png 11Logo TL11s.png 4.8 Bln. 02764827648 MCr


Item Price Quantity Avail-
Min Avg Max Min Avg Max
Food 3.6 3.8 4.0 16 16.5 17 100.0% Rilacese cheeses
Textiles 6.0 6.6 7.2 15 16.5 18 100.0%
Radioactives 20.0 21.4 22.8 17 20.5 24 100.0%
Slaves 6.0 12.2 18.4 0 13.5 26 81.2%
Liquor/Wines 23.2 26.1 29.2 20 27.5 35 100.0%
Luxuries 94.4 95.0 95.6 14 15.5 17 100.0%
Narcotics 49.6 73.6 97.6 0 59.0 63 12.5%
Computers 89.6 90.1 90.8 0 0.0 0 0.0%
Machinery 58.8 60.2 61.6 10 13.5 17 100.0%
Alloys 33.2 39.4 45.6 12 27.5 43 100.0%
Firearms 75.6 77.0 78.4 0 0.0 0 0.0%
Furs 52.4 65.0 77.6 0 32.0 63 98.4%
Minerals 10.8 11.3 12.0 58 59.5 61 100.0%
Gold 36.8 38.2 39.6 7 10.5 14 100.0%
Platinum 64.4 70.5 76.8 1 16.5 32 100.0%
Gem-Stones 16.0 19.0 22.0 0 7.5 14 87.5%
Alien Items 51.2 52.6 54.0 0 0.0 0 0.0%
Average prices are based on long-term established averages (the so-called arithmetic mean). The average quantity is based only on quantity values greater zero. Availability gives a percentage whether a good is available in this system. Please note that these are statistical data. GalCop regulations expressively forbids the broadcasting of actual prices beyond the current system.


Famous Planets

Rilace (Animation).gif

Rilace was once covered by acidic desert and scoured by thin carbon dioxide winds. The local government employed the Q-Worlds Corporation to make the planet into a green and fertile world. The Q-Worlds Quick Terraforming Grid rapidly boosted the atmosphere, and the equatorial regions were bombarded with ice meteorites harvested at the Wagar ice plateau at Beusrior using a high-pressure Terratools Orbit cannon, turning Rilace into the rich and fertile world we see today. (Famous Planets OXP)

Galactic Navy

Sector1 Navy Sector Command 4 SmallNavySectorMap.png

This system falls under the responsibility of the Navy Command Station 4 in Tibionis. (Galactic Navy OXP)


Routes and Regions

Spaceway L2

Spaceway L2

The Spaceway L2 passes through this system, coming from Beusrior and going to Atrabiin.

The Traders Almanach

In a low-cash situation, this is my advice: Best would be to buy Rilacese cheeses or vodka bottles and transport them to Atrabiin or Beusrior. Actually, that 'bit more' you can get in Atrabiin is about 59 to 67%. Moreover, those cheeses can also be sold well enough in Usle or Maregeis. On another thought, some traders mentioned that piracy on the rise in Atrabiin and Maregeis.
(Excerpt from: The Traders Almanach entry for 1:222)




TERAED (Galactixnetwork) - Today a spokesman of Q-Worlds said that Rilace Terraforming phase 1 is complete. 10 years ago Q-Worlds landed the first terraforming ship 'Genisis' on the Southern hemisphere of the planet. At the time there was almost no atmosphere and nearly 90 percent of the surface was covered with desert. After installing the Q-Worlds Quick Terraforming Grid (TM) air was quickly boosted into the atmosphere. Q-Worlds then bombarded the equator region with self fabricated Ice meteorites using the new high pressure Orbit cannon from Terratools. The Ice was Harvested at the Wagar Ice plateau at Beusrior (just one jump away). The impact created some water to start with and with help from the Terraforming Grid more was created. A historical moment came 8 years ago with the first rainfall. Special seeds from Reinen formed the base of the new agricultural area's on the planet. The next 10 years Rilace is expected to feature a rich ecosystem. Rilace has already seen an increase in tourism from spacetraders make planetfall while traveling on Spaceway L2. The site of a self-sustaining Terraforming city is awesome.

From Screenshots Thread (screenshot lost).

Rilace Incident

The Rilace Incident, or the Asteroid Gulag War as some would have it, didn't leave any of the participants looking especially good. Conditions aboard the asteroid penal colony were appalling even by Communist standards, and the CG immediately organised the evacuation of all the prisoners whilst documenting every sapient rights abuse perpetuated by the Rilaci prison guards in meticulous detail. The Rilaci government was summoned before the GalCop Council to defend itself against a motion of censure, several neighbouring governments suspended their extradition treaties and even the Communin itself was forced to voice public disapproval. GalCop also came in for scathing criticism when it emerged that a Galactic Navy frigate had refused to respond to a request for urgent medical assistance from the horrified Rexxlans, citing their obligation to maintain political impartiality, and the Navy was forced to issue standing orders clarifying that their policy of strict neutrality did not supercede their obligations under interstellar law to respond in timely fashion and provide all possible assistance upon receiving a distress call. The Rexxlans didn't get off scot-free either, having violated the sovereign territory of a neighbour and shot a number of its law-enforcement officers -some of them in circumstances that implied summary justice being meted out- as well as thoroughly trashing the prison in the course of forcing entry and commandeering a passing Moray Medical Boat at gunpoint. They got kicked out of the Communin and GalCop refused to intervene when the Rilaci sent a reprisal strike that ended with Rexxla's capital getting pasted with a bunch of railgun slugs. After that, they withdrew from GalCop completely and started raising a real army, which got them placed under embargo.

(Rexxla is about halfway between Rilace and Atrabiin, also reachable -barely- from Ontimaxe) - see link below for more.

From Rough Guide: Rexxla BB thread.