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An Ad-droid barely avoiding a rude ramming by a speeding Cobra.

The OXP simply titled Lave adds many of the features to the Lave System that are described in The Dark Wheel novella, but weren’t originally there to see in the game. It was written by Murgh in 2006, and later updated by Kaks‎ in 2008 and by an anonymous kind modder in 2009. A retro reboot in the Iron Ass style was made in 2022.


Learner pilots practice in Trinket ships near the station under the command of an instructor, Restaurant Junks ply their trade, Herald Ad-Droids shuffle their billboards, transport liners transport, an ominous Cobra lurks, a small moon is added and more. It also bumps up Lave's tech level, as that was how Murgh understood the descriptions in The Dark Wheel, which he was emulating (useful for buying kit for your ship - you can now get fuel scoops and an ASC, and if you run SW Economy, you can now buy medicine).

A Coral passenger liner preparing to dock.


This oxp replicates the Lave described in The Dark Wheel (and also meshes with the Drew's Oolite Saga). The Oolite community in those days featured many who came into Oolite from Elite via Frontier, where the The Old Worlds region was peculiar in consisting of one planet with no moon - Lave's Basta being the exception, but not a true moon.

Murgh, who wrote this oxp, also wrote Diso OXP which adds more planets to the Diso system. But for other early players, the old "Old Worlds" definition was important. More recent ambience oxp's which add planets, play havoc with this older definition, and add more planets and moons to the Lave system too.

Notes for possible update

Permission to update Murgh's .oxp's

...of course you may feel totally free to update any of the old OXPs or otherwise make use of the old scraps if they can still hold appeal. It would be very cool for me if something from so long ago could even in a small part manage to survive through the ages, along with the simple and brilliant concept of Oolite...
((Old) Murgh 2021)
Instructor and pupil near Lave station.


I noticed some really fast NPC's docking in one of the new YouTube vids, they were racing into the station! is there new docking AI for the ships in the more modern Oolite? i remember NPC's used to just slowly inch their way towards the station then sometimes panic and abort their run over and over - would be fun to still keep that behaviour around Lave with all the new pilots trying to get their driving license :)

edit: actually, thinking about it, this might have been when i was making ships that were too big to fit into the mail slot

Post by Griff » Fri Dec 03, 2021 9:30 am

A food junk pursued by a hungry patron.

Iron Ass revamp

In January 2022, Old Murgh came out of retirement and began chipping away at the old shapes and fabrics, attempting something like a remastered –though still RELOPy– version. An Iron Ass Lave beta was shared in April 2022.


Note that it is an .oxp and needs to be put in the AddOns folder (not an .oxz which would reside in the ManagedAddOns folder!). See OXP for details.


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