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Deepspace Ships OXP is a replacement texture pack for the default Oolite Ships. You don't need shader support in your computer to use these currently, although this is planned for later versions.

Note that this OXP will override existing default Oolite ships and probably any other OXP that does a similar thing. Thankfully ADCK has made a set of additional files that fixes this and replace the said files in the Deepspace Ships OXP. This is available as an additional zip in the archive. For more information on using Deepspace Ships with other OXPs that retexture the default Oolite ships see Installing_multiple_retexture_OXPs



Adder Anaconda Asp Boa
Boa Class Cruiser Cargo Cobra Mk1 Cobra Mk3
Constrictor Fer De Lance Gecko Krait
Mamba Moray Medical Boat Moray Star Boat Navigation Buoy
Python Shuttle Sidewinder Thargoid Warship
Thargon Transporter Viper Viper Interceptor
Worm Coriolis station (Oolite)

Deepspace HUDs

You can also download the Retro HUD (a recreation and nod to the classic Elite HUD), as well as the original Deepspace HUD.

Deepspace Retro HUD


Deepspace HUD



Shady DeepSpace Ships OXP - Version 1.21 provides addition shipset for Oolite 1.80+:

Older versions of Deepspace Ships for Oolite 1.77:
Deepspace Ships OXP on JazHaz's (21.2mb). See this post for information on how to fix some textures.
Note: Version 1.20 of Deepspace Ships includes a customised font file that is largely incompatible with the current version of Oolite. If version 1.20 is used, the "oolite-font.plist" file (in the "Config" folder) should be removed or renamed. Version 1.21 should be used in preference to this version.

Deepspace HUD OXP on Deepspace OXP Webpage. mirror site (thanks to Phkb).

Deepspace Retro HUD OXP on Deepspace OXP Webpage.

Deepspace's Oolite ad (2010)


ADCK wrote a special override-addon which reinstates the original ships, preventing them from over-writing the standard vanilla ships, available in his (ADCK's Box)

The Deepspace one is simply extracted to your addons dir (click yes when asked to overwrite)).