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The Manta Ray in flight.


My first released OXP, introducing the product line from the Aquarian Shipbuilding Corporation of Aqualina in Galaxy 3.

These are mostly military, developed for the Sector Wars (see Vortex OXP).

A new range of ships for a wide variety of uses and credit accounts. Also a new HQ station is added to Aqualina (the former colony of Ribiara), and a mission can be undertaken there for a suitably experienced (Dangerous) commander.

Editorial Comment: Running Aquatics.oxp makes a tour of Aqualina a visit to one of the Wonders of your Ooniverse!
It will really put Galaxy 3 on the map.

Stations and Ships

Aquarian Shipbuilding Corp. HQ
MantaRay sm.png
Manta Ray
Shark Top sm.png
ManOWar sm.png
Man O' War
Box sm.png
Box Escort
Conger sm.png
Hawksbill sm.png
Aquatics hammerHead sm.png
Aquatics barracuda sm.png
Orca sm.png
Aquatics platform sm.png
Leviathan Platform
  • Manta Ray - Fast and agile fighter interceptor. Often used by Galcop and the Military. Available to the player.
  • Shark - Lighter but no less agile escort fighter. Usually seen escorting larger ships. Available to the player.
  • Man O' War - Large general purpose courier ship. Normally escorted by a squad of Box Escort fighters.
  • Box Escort - Short range fighter escort, usually seen accompanying Man O' War craft.
  • Conger - Heavy cargo hauler, carrying up to 100 tons of cargo between four rotating cargo holds.
  • Hawksbill - Bulk fuel tanker. Always escorted by a squadron of Shark fighters due to the value and temptation of its cargo as a target.
  • HammerHead Hauler Carrier - Huge bulk hauler ship, with up to 12 cargo sleds used to resupply the needs of the entire system.
  • Barracuda - Heavy and sleek escort fighter, often used also as a patrol ship. Available to the player.
  • Orca Destroyer - Big, slow and ugly military destroyer ship that makes up for in firepower what it lack in looks and speed.
  • Leviathan Systems Platform - Large and heavily armed planetary defense unit.



This OXP requires at least version 1.77 of Oolite. It also makes use of the BigShips OXP, which is included in the download.
BGS enhances this OXP (but is not a Requirement).


Footage of a HammerHead arriving and unloading can be found here.


Aquatics v2.32 can be downloaded from by clicking on the link.