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Activities: Life in the Frontier
Economics: New Deal
Ambience: Cloud City
Ambience: Lave OXP
Ambience: Tetiri Planet Ring
Robot Loader (Dockables: Busy Ports)
Bulk Freighter ((Dockables: Busy Ports)
Dockables: Gsagostinho's station experiments
Dockables: Oolific Princess (Liner)
Systems: Galactic Navy
Systems: HIMSN

This is a collection of wonderful OXPs which any of which would change the game in a meaningful way.

Not necessarily broken, but, they need TLC from somebody with a mastery of The Dark Side - or else the idea taken and incorporated into something else...

As well as needing the skills to fix one of these, there is also the thorny issue of copyright.

Where a good license exists (eg Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 license), there is no issue. But where there is no license (or a poor one), one needs to either rewrite the bally thing from scratch, or write an overwrite OXP. Many of the early oxp's were lost when Oosat2 sundered in Oct 2006. The replacement oxp's lacked the ReadMe's with license details, and some may never have had licences in the first place. The authors from that era (Murgh, Charlie etc) also disappeared shortly later... I blame the Thargoids!.


  • Astronaut (2012, CC BY-SA 3.0) clashes with a number of things preventing it from working much of the time.
  • Life in the Frontier (2015, CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0) is not broken, but is crying out for expansion... every single station is the same, with the same map and the same places and with almost the same events.


  • New Deal (2015, "Public Domain") moves away from the bi-polar agricultural⇔industrial model to a more complex four-polar model. Unfinished
  • Real-life economics OXP (2014, GNU GPLv3) is broken - it supposedly eliminates milk runs as something a true free market would smooth over, and provides real dynamic markets with unlimited quantities of commodities. The Local Economic Balance system seems broken. It only displays part of the time, and seems not to affect the local economies. It could also do with having the optional commodities added (oxygen, quirium crystals etc).


  • Diso OXP (no license?, 2010) needs updating for the newer graphics - nebulae, Diso B station & market. Diso B Planet is static. (no license?)
  • Lave OXP (no license?, 2009) needs updating for the newer graphics - student pilots with instructors, restaurant junks, etc.
  • Monument (no license?, 2005) could this be enhanced to actually do something (intone a lo-o-ong list of departed commanders...)?
  • Tetiri Planet Ring ("Freely available", 2014) needs work - massive planet ring at Tetiri (galaxy 5) which is broken around the stations. Station markets bust.
  • Tianve OXP (2009, CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0) needs updating for the newer graphics - pulsar, nebulae, special ships, station market etc. Pulsar station market bust.


  • Busy Ports (Griff, 2007, no obvious license): features port activity - cargo-loading robots... (AI issues?)
  • Cloud City OXP (no license?, 2009) is unfinished - cloud cities at Gas Giants
  • Colonization, Okti (2012, CC BY-SA 3.0). Unfinished. Fun to fly around inside - mind the struts!
  • Gsagostinho's station experiments ("Public Domain", 2017) here. (unfinished - needs texturing).
  • Oolific Princess - another liner (by SimonB. license: unnumbered "Creative Commons: attribution, non-commercial, sharealike") (see OXPList - Work in Progress OXPs)
  • Z-GrOovy Navy Carrier (download) - from BB {WIP} navy carrier upgrade. CNV Thor class Dertien (no license, 2011)


  • Torus Field Monitor (2016, CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0) warns of approaching Mass Lock by Alaric. Not quite finished


  • Extended Shipyards (2012, CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0) - clashes with many things preventing it from working much of the time
  • Friend or Foe (2012, CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0) - broken? And possibly too complex - you need to tweak your ship oxp's for it to work with them.


  • Scriptable Pause (2017, CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0) for letting the game run and then pause itself on red-alert (4 oxp's, 1st problematic: Hoqlinq & Astrobe) Problematic
  • Galactic Misjump OXP (2012, CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0) - what happens if you misjump between galaxies? By Cim. Needs development


In some cases, these just don't work. But many of the missions in Oolite have been rendered less challenging by the onwards march of OXPs introducing this and that. For example, missions where fuel shortage was part of the challenge are now rendered toothless with the OXPs which introduce extra fuel tanks and improved fuel scooping capabilities. In one or two cases such OXPs have been tweaked to prevent them ruining missions (Thargoid tweaked his Fuel Station OXP to prevent it wrecking the mission in LongWay OXP).

This list contains every known problematic mission as each adds an adventure to the game. In some cases the missions have been listed as broken thanks to the onwards march of oxp's: new über ships which destroy the challenge. New equipment which allows avoidance of the challenge. Et cetera.


These two navies are quite different. The Galactic Navy is strong and powerful, and fills The Eight with its presence. HIMSN is based at Lave and is much less mighty - but is the navy of the Classic Elite missions and the Vanilla game code missions. Some people prefer the one, others the other. It would be super to have both as options!

  • Galactic Navy (2011, no license) needs an override OXP updating it (for the post-v.1.77 era). There have been improvements in AI (markets may be fine).
  • HIMSN (Her Imperial Majesty's Space Navy) (2014, CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0) needs finishing. Currently in alpha stage.