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A Navy SecCom Station.

The Galactic Navy is organized into regional Sector Commands governed by individual Sector Commanders or SecComs. SecComs operate autonomously but are ultimately answerable to the Navy Commander-in-Chief. Each Galaxy is divided into 14 Sectors, and each Sector has a home system within its command. These home systems are highly militarized and are never based in anarchy or feudal systems.

Notable Features

Each Navy Sector Command has an independent station in orbit around the planet of its home system. At least one Carrier Group is assigned to each Sector Command. SecComs in particularly hostile regions may be assigned additional Carrier Groups as needed. Traders and tourists are permitted to visit SecCom stations, but any offense will result in immediate destruction. SecCom Stations appear as S on the Advanced Space Compass.

Once docked, SecCom Stations offer several unique options to visiting pilots. All stations provide tech level 14 equipment and maintenance. Additionally, commanders are encouraged to purchase Victory Bonds as a safe way to protect their credits and support the Galactic Navy. Buy enough bonds and the Navy will reward patrons with free refueling and reduced prices. Commanders may also check the latest fleet news for updates on the ongoing war with the Thargoids or join the fight by enlisting in the Navy Reserves. Pilots returning from battlezones will find the Navy commodities market pays premium prices for alien items.


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Navy SecCom Stations are a part of the Galactic Navy OXP

see also: Military station

Runghold's SecComFinder OXP marks the 16 Sector Commands in each galaxy with blue diamonds on the F6 screen

Custom Paintjobs


The Sector Commands are integrated into the following OXPS:

Galactic Navy is currently problematic (it needs updating which copyright issues make difficult). Naval presence is most easily enforced by Behemoth which lacks the bases and the missions. HIMSN is an alternative navy if you prefer, but has no role for the Behemoths.