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Behemoth types 1 & 2


The relevant oxp's in 2023 are
 *Galactic Navy Facelift (newer textures for ships & stations)
 *Navy Light Destroyer
 *Navy Destroyer
 *Behemoth (the only one on the in-game Expansions Manager)

And, of course, you also need the Galactic Navy OXP itself!


Spara masterminded this collection of oxps which enhance and add variation to the Galactic Navy OXP by Nemoricus and to the original Behemoth.oxp by Aegidian.

A number of people had already written additional OXP's for the GalNavy. Spara started by ripping open the broken ADCK's Behemoths oxp and salvaging and repackaging models from it. For more images and references see the original ADCK's Behemoths thread on the Oolite BB. After that he retouched and fixed other GalNavy related oxps to revive them too!

Models and textures by Aegidian, ADCK, Nemoricus, PAGroove, SimonB and then by Spara. See the readmes in the individual oxps.

Galactic Navy Facelift: Tender
Navy Destroyer
Navy Light Destroyer
Behemoth: Behemoths types 4 & 3
Behemoth: Navy Class Carrier & Navy Sidewinder

Galactic Navy Facelift oxp v1.3.4/1.4

Updates all the models in the Galactic Navy OXP by Nemoricus (2011) and Behemoth OXP by Aegidian to new shadered ones. Does not add any new ship types, only replaces (with variants) the ones used in the aforementioned oxps. Requires at least the Behemoth OXP to do anything sensible.

For Oolite 1.79 and Behemoth 3.0 (2014) download version 1.4:

(For Oolite 1.77.1, download:

Navy Light Destroyer oxp v1.0

Replaces some Navy Transport ships with Navy Light Destroyer ships. Ship modelled and textured by SimonB. Requires Galactic Navy OXP to do anything.


This does not seem to work on AppleMacs

Navy Destroyer oxp v1.0

Adds ADCK's navy destroyer ship with a Railgun as a weapon to the galactic navy. This was extracted from ADCK's Behemoths (2010) and has not been worked on since. Requires Galactic Navy OXP to do anything. And Railgun oxp too!


Included in Behemoth 3.1.1 (currently on the in-game Expansions Manager)

These 2 oxp's have been included inside it:

Behemoth 3-4 oxp v1.1.1

This is already included in the Expansions Manager's Behemoth!

Adds 8 (type 3) & 8 (type 4) uniquely named behemoths to the galactic navy. Requires the older Behemoth OXP by Aegidian to work.


Behemoth Navy Class Carrier oxp v1.0.3

This is already included in the Expansions Manager's Behemoth!

Adds SimonB's Navy Class Carrier to the Behemoths. Eight uniquely named Carriers are added to the original 16. Carriers are supported by Navy Sidewinders and feature Navy Thargon Collectors that clean up after fight. Requires the older Behemoth OXP by Aegidian to work.


Quick Facts

Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
various 2014-05-08 CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Ships Ships OXPs Spara Oolite BB


This entire suite of oxp's is something of a mixed bag. Some of the updates look really good: the Navy Class Carrier & the Light Destroyer, and the Navy Tender. On the other hand, the stations and the Destroyer look decidedly clunky to this writer's eye.

Jackiebean was working on some updates back in 2018, but got devoured by the Witchspace Lobster instead.

Amaranth has an alternative Destroyer here (the download link is buried at the bottom of the page).

While this writer has no knowledge of how well the oxp operates (other than providing a top-notch docking experience and lots of protection at the witchpoint beacons for the 16 sector command systems). The battles are probably good, as the AI scripters were! The only real problem seems to be the balance-wrecking stonking oodles of loot to be picked up in the aftermath of battles! Maybe the players need more competition (possibly Navy Transports equipped with scoops, or some such).

The popularisation of the basic Galactic Navy oxp has badly suffered from the lack of license which prevented it being put up on the Expansions Manager when Oolite v.1.80 came out.