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ADCK's Behemoths OXP
ADCKs Behemoths.jpg
Download Link Mediafire
Dizzy's Mirror
Version 1.2
History N/A
Stations TBA
Ships TBA
Missions See Here
Equipment None
Alternative HUD
Sound Set
Category Ships OXPs
Author ADCK


Adds Navy Behemoths and their support to the game, including:

  • Two versions of Aegidian's "Type 1" Behemoth, remodelled slightly.
  • Two versions of Aegidian's "Type 2" Behemoth, remodelled slightly.
  • Two versions of ADCK's "Type 3" Behemoth.
  • Two versions of ADCK's "Type 4" Behemoth.
  • Two versions of Aegidian's "Type 1" Behemoth, retextured by PAGroove.
  • Two versions of Nemoricus's Galactic Navy's Frigate, remodelled slightly.
  • New Asp, Cobra1, Cobra3, Krait, Mamba, and Python models and textures, made by ADCK.
  • New "Rock Hermit" model and textures, for use in Gal Navy missions and rarely as a base.
  • Eight versions of ADCK's Thargoid.
  • A new retexture of Selezen's Thargoid Carrier.
  • A new thargoid carrier by ADCK.
  • A new Military Station by ADCK.
  • A new class of ship "Destroyer" with a massive cannon on the front. by ADCK.
  • New viper and asp defense ships, "medship", "shuttle", "transport", "transporter" using Simon B's models from neolites.
  • All of the above are retextured with shaders.
  • Over 100 "named" behemoths, all with their own nameplates.
  • Retextured versions of Nemoricus' Military Station Type 1, Minesweeper, Radar. With Shaders.
  • Retextured versions of Simon B's Thargoid and Thargon.

Future Plans

  • 1.1. Galactic Navy compatiblity patch. Now available!

Includes new models/textures for all Galactic Navy ships, plus a new station in addition the the original retextured one, and a new class of ship "Destroyer" with the rail-gun attachment mentioned in oolite BB threads. (The plan is to not have the new models overwrite the originals but work alongside them, perhaps with an overwrite.plist for those looking for replacers) Most of the work on this is already done, but requires behemoths to be completed first... I guess I was kind of working back-to-front here.

  • 1.2 Thargoids Patch. Now available! (2010)

By this point the Galactic Navy will be way overpowered, and I'll have to even the sides a little. Mostly only in the planning phase at the moment, but I do have a retextured version of the Thargoid Carrier and several Neolite Thargoid retextures I'd like to use here. Will probably be something along the lines of Second Wave.oxp and Thargorn Threat.oxp.

  • 1.3. Content/Bugfix Patch?

Adding things I havn't thought of yet, fixing things I've broken, etc. Time will tell. This is where I'd start looking to expand the OXP to include suggestions/requests.

  • 1.4. Final Release.

Possibly-Theorhetically-Mythical-Epic-Future-Stable Release-Version. (PTMEFSRV) There will be cake.


  • Before installation, be sure to delete any previous versions of behemoths.oxp or adcks_behemoths.oxp.
  • Extract the adcks_behemoths.oxp into your Addons directory of Oolite.
  • Just to be sure startup Oolite with the SHIFT-key pressed until you see the spinning Cobra MKIII.

Law Stuffs

Please read the 2 readme's in the "Original Readmes" folder for legal information regarding the Type 1 & 2 behemoths, turrets, AIs, plists, and scripts.

Thargoid Carrier model remains property of SELEZEN, refer to thargoid-carrier.oxp documentation for more info.

Military Station Type 1, Minesweeper, Radar models remains property of Nemoricus, refer to galactic-navy.oxp documentation for more info.

The following models: (Original name in brackets)

  • Damaged-Thargoid (Thargoid)
  • Damaged-Thargon (Thargon)
  • Medship (Moray)
  • Shuttle (Worm)
  • Transport (Anaconda)
  • Lander (Transporter)
  • Escape-pod
  • Viper
  • Asp

-and Shader files, remain property of Simon B, refer to neolites.oxp documentation for more info.

The following models:

  • Frigate
  • Destroyer (and its ammo)
  • Military Station Type 2
  • Type 3 & 4 behemoths
  • Asp (Not the neolites.oxp one)
  • Cobra1
  • Cobra3
  • Krait
  • Mamba
  • Python
  • Rock Hermit
  • All Thargoids (excluding 2 from neolites by Simon B, and The original Thargoid Carrier by SELEZEN)

-and all textures in the textures folder (excluding 2 Type 1 retextures by PAGroove) are works of ADCK and are Public Domain and are yours to do with as you please.

If I have missed crediting anyone, please contact ADCK at "" so this list can be updated.

List of all involved directly or indirectly:

  • ADCK.
  • PAGroove.
  • Aegidian. (Behemoths)
  • Simon B. (Neolites)
  • Selezen. (Thargoid Carrier)
  • Nemoricus. (Galactic Navy)
  • David Braben and Ian Bell. (Elite)



End quote: One day I may come back and fix this OXP, but probably not anytime soon, Sorry guys, please feel free to use this OXP as a modders resource (ADCK 2014).