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The Royal Houses of Santaari are the organised feudal systems in Galaxy Sector 1.

Tibedied (Coat of Arms).png Oreseren (Coat of Arms).png Aronar (Coat of Arms).png Digebiti (Coat of Arms).png Esredice (Coat of Arms).png Gelaed (Coat of Arms).png
Tibedied Oreseren Aronar Digebiti Esredice Gelaed
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Onusorle (Coat of Arms).png Ededleen (Coat of Arms).png Edzaon (Coat of Arms).png Tibecea (Coat of Arms).png Geinona (Coat of Arms).png
Onusorle Ededleen Edzaon Tibecea Geinona
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Heraldic Footnotes


Azure, a chevalier Or

The knight on the charger is, of course, Sir Ffoliot Frederick Cary, the Right Honourable Viscount Falkland, the golden hues emphasising his nobility and honour (see Digebiti for his importance in the settling of the planet). The "true blue" background represents his loyalty to his feal vassals.


Gules, on a fess Argent a rose Pink, barbed Vert and seeded Or

The five-parted flower (crimson cheop) of the French Aristocracy obviously stands for the five-fold partition into Barons, Viscounts, Counts, Marquises & Dukes. Also, the five-fold partition of Gelaedian society into the Royalty, Nobility, Clergy, Bourgeoisie & Peasantry.
Note that on Gelaed all princes are royal.
The three bands stand for the establishment of innocent purity amidst the bloody struggles in the heavens and on earth.

See The Feudal States OXP for more details.


Or, a lion rampant Sable

The legendary lion of St. Mark is emblazoned across a golden background, emphasising the mythical Venetian background of many of the nobles and the financial foundations of their wealth, through trade and industry, and of course, their inclusion in the original Golden Book, fabled forerunner of the Sable Onomasticon. The portrayal of the left-hand side of the lion symbolically shows the nurturing side of the national leaders, who are sworn to protect their serfs.


See The Feudal States OXP for more details. See Ramirez's .pdf hidden inside the .oxz for a lot more detail.

The Royal Houses of the Feudal States
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