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The Royal Houses of Lara’tan are the organised feudal systems in Galaxy Sector 3.

Ansois (Coat of Arms).png Atlaar (Coat of Arms).png Biarandi (Coat of Amrs).png Ceorat (Coat of Arms).png Diqudi (Coat of Arms).png Enbirare (Coat of Arms).png
Ansois Atlaar Biarandi Ceorat Diqudi Enbirare
Dutch Dutch French French Italian Germanic
Erinain (Coat of Arms).png Qurexein (Coat of Arms).png Resoisbe (Coat of Arms).png Sogeve (Coat of Arms).png Teususdi (Coat of Arms).png Usteer (Coat of Arms).png
Erinain Qurexein Resoisbe Sogeve Teususdi Usteer
Germanic Spanish Swedish Spanish Italian English

The Vexilological descriptions of the Escutcheons are:

  • Ansois (Dutch) Argents, between three cinquefoils Gules a chevron Gules
  • Atlaar (Dutch) Gules, two crossed axes Or, on a base Argent a rose slipped and barbed Proper
  • Biarandi (French) Per pale Vert and Or, a dragon rampant Gules
  • Ceorat (French) Gules a hand Or, in a quarter Or a lion sejant erect Gules
  • Diqudi (Italian) Sable, a cross Or
  • Enbirare (Germanic) Ermines, a bend Argent
  • Erinain (Germanic) Per pale Vert and Argent, a holy leaf counterchanged
  • Qurexein (Spanish) Barry Azure and Argent, on a quarter Azure a sun Or
  • Resoisbe (Swedish) Argent, an eagle’s head erased Argent
  • Sogeve (Spanish) Chequy Gules and Sable, three Bezants in pale Or
  • Teususdi (Italian) Chequy Azure and Or
  • Usteer (English) Vert an oak tree eradicated Or, a chief Or

See The Feudal States OXP for more details. See Ramirez's .pdf hidden inside the .oxz for a lot more detail.

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