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GalCat ID: 3:222
Location: 99,41 of GalSector 3
Government: Feudal
Economy: Mainly Industrial
Technology Level: 9
Population: 4.3 Billion
(Human Colonists)
Productivity: 10360 MCr
Planet Radius: 5987km
Location of Teususdi in Sector 3
The world Teususdi is a boring world.
Old Galactic Catalogue Entry for 3:222 (Teususdi)

Witchspace Routes

There are 5 direct Witchspace Routes from/to Teususdi:

Destination Distance Gov. Eco. TL Pop. Prod
Esgeer 2.4 LY 5Logo64 Confederacy.png 6Logo64 AverageAgricultural.png 08Logo TL8s.png 4.0 Bln. 01152011520 MCr
Dileon 4.8 LY 1Logo64 Feudal.png 6Logo64 AverageAgricultural.png 06Logo TL6s.png 3.4 Bln. 0044804480 MCr
Rimaedxe 4.8 LY 7Logo64 CorporateState.png 6Logo64 AverageAgricultural.png 08Logo TL8s.png 4.2 Bln. 01478414784 MCr
Enanen 0.8 LY 0Logo64 Anarchy.png 7Logo64 PoorAgricultural.png 04Logo TL4s.png 2.6 Bln. 0019201920 MCr
Aquusen 2.0 LY 2Logo64 MultiGovernment.png 3Logo64 MainlyIndustrial.png 08Logo TL8s.png 3.4 Bln. 01142411424 MCr


Item Price Quantity Avail-
Min Avg Max Min Avg Max
Food 5.2 5.4 5.6 12 12.5 13 100.0%
Textiles 6.8 7.3 8.0 13 14.5 16 100.0%
Radioactives 22.4 23.7 25.2 11 14.5 18 100.0%
Slaves 10.0 16.2 22.4 0 8.5 16 50.0%
Liquor/Wines 27.2 30.1 33.2 10 17.5 25 100.0%
Luxuries 88.0 88.6 89.2 30 31.5 33 100.0%
Narcotics 26.4 50.3 74.4 0 21.0 41 37.5%
Computers 78.4 79.0 79.6 14 15.5 17 100.0%
Machinery 54.0 55.3 56.8 22 25.5 29 100.0%
Alloys 32.4 38.5 44.8 14 29.5 45 100.0%
Firearms 65.2 66.6 68.0 0 0.0 0 0.0%
Furs 59.6 72.2 84.8 0 27.5 54 84.3%
Minerals 11.6 12.2 12.8 56 57.5 59 100.0%
Gold 37.6 39.0 40.4 5 8.5 12 100.0%
Platinum 66.0 72.1 78.4 0 19.0 63 96.8%
Gem-Stones 16.8 19.8 22.8 0 6.5 12 75.0%
Alien Items 39.2 40.6 42.0 0 0.0 0 0.0%
Average prices are based on long-term established averages (the so-called arithmetic mean). The average quantity is based only on quantity values greater zero. Availability gives a percentage whether a good is available in this system. Please note that these are statistical data. GalCop regulations expressively forbids the broadcasting of actual prices beyond the current system.


The Feudal States

Teususdi is a member of The Royal Houses of Laratan. (Feudal States OXP).


The battle of Teususdi

I really should have read the military brief more closely. It wasn't pirates, it was Thargoids.

I remember my first experience coming up against the Thargoids many years ago, and it was a nerve-wracking, butt-clenching experience. The combination of an unexpected mis-jump with a confrontation with an aggressive, alien enemy that could seemingly slice through my shields at will... well to be honest, I couldn't believe it was happening. Fortunately for me, I had enough fuel to jump out of interstellar space to the relative safety of an Anarchy system...

Years in the spacelanes and subsequent encounters with the Thargoids taught me respect, then (as my ship got more iron-assed), complacency as I found myself able to dispatch two or three at a time (so long as my injectors held out!!!).

As I formed up with the squad, I probably felt a bit cocky. There were a smattering of Cobra Mk.I's, three or four naval frigates. I even spied a few fellow Boas by the look of it. What could possibly go wrong?

Looking back, I probably felt the same as those young, wide-eye'd men from some assorted feudal systems, who had been told that war was noble and exciting by their 'betters' (who conveniently stayed in the safety of their strongholds).

Then the Thargoids came. I could some of their larger ships ahead of us even before they drifted into scanner range. Spotting maybe half a dozen or so in the distance, I thought, how bad could this be?

Then the green and red lollypops appeared on my scanner....and kept increasing in number. This wasn't an invasion force, this was a bloody migration!!! Battle was joined, and before long, the forward half of my scanner was covered in red/green markers. I couldn't tell you how many of them there were, especially after they started launching their robot fighters.

I started taking hits. Targeting a thargoid cruiser, I redlined my fore and aft lasers. It sat there laughing at me and I found myself surrounded, taking hits and losing equipment.

Over the comms there were the panicked calls from my colleagues as we found ourselves completely overwhelmed. I needed to cool my lasers, and I was useless where I was. Maybe that's my justification for my next action. I'm ashamed to say I fled. There were simply too many of them...

As I retreated, I could see half a dozen or so Thargoids on my six, about 20km behind. At least, I thought, that's six or seven thargoids that won't be focusing on the rest of the squad, but by this stage, I had no idea what state the squad was in.

At this point, the enemy did something that I don't understand, but was grateful that they did. I'm sure they could have outrun me, but they just sat on my six at 20km, allowing me to gradually snipe them with my aft laser, one by one. Once the last of the pursuing cruisers fell, the drones deactivated, and at last I was alone.

I tried to get back to the witchpoint beacon in an attempt to help the squad, and hopefully redeem myself, but it must have been destroyed. There was no direction for me to take now but back to the system station.

Arriving at the station, I'm told "The battle of Teususdi was over", and my participation was acknowledged - 7 kills. I don't know what happened to the rest of the squad. I can only hope they took as many of the bastards down as they could.

Before this battle, I thought I was a pretty good pilot. This experience has humbled me. Next time, and there will be a next time, I'll be more prepared! Tales from the spacelanes... Bugbear (2011)