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Frame joined the Oolite community in 2007, shortly after Aegidian stepped down.

Frame's contributions suffered from the continual to-ing and fro-ing with new unstable versions of Oolite after Aegidian's v.1.65 in 2006 before the eventual MSNR (Mythical Stable Next Release) half a decade later in Dec 2011.


These have since been incorporated into the Vanilla game

  • Mechanics Save Anywhere allows you to save your game at any OXP Station (2011)
  • Retextures RegistrationID adds ID tags to all Oolite standard ships (2010)

Frame also provided the original idea and coding for Gates

Works in Progress

Babylon 5 ships (2017):

I'm currently actively developing the OXP that includes lots of other ships from the Babylon 5 universe.(Life interupted me in various stages). The thing is, it would be easy just putting a ship into the game, but once the novelty wears off, they are just that, ships. Instead I'm devloping the OXP to start with minor version of the Babylon 5 universe. I know it is a big chunk to bite over but in the last 6 months I developed a star system-system. A way for a Star-fury to fell a little star fury like. Plasma Weaponry for players. A way to fly between planets that are really far apart. I plan for players to enter the Babylon 5 universe in 2170. When EA just got hold of the Jump-gate Technology according to various different canon and non-canon sources. Either this will be as a scenario or an OXP. At the moment I don't know. I know how to make all of these things work. Making a ship from scratch however can take a month until I'm fully satisfied with it while I also make other things like scripting.
([Oolite Capital Ships (2017 response)])
Frame's Omega-class Destroyer

Frame's Babylon 5 2017 oeuvre

(list taken from the BB Thread mention above)

Zephyre, player ship (starter ship), 4 tonnage cargo, Weapons either just laser or Bolters (Babylon 5)
Olympic class cruiser (awaiting targeting system)
Hyperion class Heavy Cruiser
Some 2 canon and 3 semi-canon(AOG) star furies, and some made up ones (my device)
Narn Frazi fighter
Centauri Standard Station.
Jumpgate(in the video if you look for it)
Ch'lonas Cruiser and various small ships
EA standard station
Human Independant made up stations
STG19 crewshuttle
Nova Dreadnaught (being updated polywise)
Shadow Battlecrab


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