System Redux (Oolite)

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System Redux adds a planet/moon combination to each system which will always remain the same.

The home planet's textures are preselected, chosen to match the F7 description.

Starting with v1.2.1 it is compatible with the Famous Planets2.5.1 descriptions - and its settings can be adjusted via OXPConfig2.0.4.


  • Textures the home planet from a pool of available textures.
  • Adds an extra 0 to 4 planets from a pool of available textures.
  • Adds an extra 0 to 4 moons from a pool of available textures.

Each system will always display the same planet/moon/texture combination.


OXPConfig compatible.png

Via editing or OXPConfig its settings can be adjusted:

  • this.texTarget - Boolean. Texture target systems. Default false.
  • this.max_moons - Number. Max number of moons. Default 2.
  • this.max_planets - Number. Max number of secondary planets. Default 4.
  • this.exSys - Number. Exclude systems, specially for OXPs like Diso, Lave or Tianve. Default 0.


  • Latest version needs Oolite v1.75.3.
  • No dependencies.


The main package (v1.2):

An update to v1.2.3 is available:

Note: The update contains only script and planetinfo.plist! No textures. You will need the main package as well.


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Quick Facts

Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
1.2.3 2011-12-03 CC-by-nc-sa-2.0, Script PD Planets, Moons Ambience OXPs CaptKev & Kaks‎ BB-Link