Worlds of G1 OXP

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What It Is

After much deliberation, I have decided to drop the plans to re-texture the planets. Most Players already have a wide selection of OXP's for this purpose which apply to all eight galaxies. The work I have done so far will go into an update for System Redux, which will increase the number of planetary textures from 16 to 128. I will be deciding on a new path for the Worlds of G1 OXP which will most likely involve at least one and perhaps more missions.

When Will It Be Released

Probably not until winter of 2014.

Chart1.png Chart One Sectors:

00: Twisted Torus 08: Silver Orb
01: Brigands Web 09: Fatal Departure
02: Broken Dagger 10: Far-Star Colonies
03: Odin's Helmet 11: Ares' Spear
04: Delta Crossbow 12: Iron Nucleus
05: Thor's Hammer 13: Chaotic Divide
06: Braben's Pitch 14: Scorpions Tail
07: Bell's Abode

Chart 1 Seedy Space Bar Locations

Only applicable with Random Hits OXP installed.

Bar Name System Sector
Jon Snorrad's Pub Cebetela Delta Crossbow
Lobbie's Can-Can Lounge Retila Chaotic Divide
Lobbie's Can-Can Lounge Sotiqu Bell's Abode
The Skull and Bones Quator Fatal Departure
The Smoke Dragon Lounge Riedquat Fatal Departure
The Grounded Spacer Xeaqu Brigands Web
The Grounded Spacer Raoror Twisted Torus
The Finders Keepers Bar Isveve Thor's Hammer
The Flying Dutchman Soinuste Delta Crossbow
The Red Pincers Bivea Odin's Helmet
The Red Pincers Ermaso Braben's Pitch
The Crash and Burn Atarza Braben's Pitch
The Carnal Pleasures Bar Erbiti Braben's Pitch
The Red Light Qudira Delta Crossbow
The Red Light Isdibi Scorpions Tail
The Eject Handle Raale Brigands Web
The Last Wishes Eszaraxe Thor's Hammer
The Fat Feline Riraes Chaotic Divide
The Fat Feline Orrira Brigands Web
The Furry Humanoid Uszaa Fatal Departure
The Pink Slug Xeesenri Thor's Hammer
The Colonial's Rest Eninre Silver Orb
The Colonial's Rest Bibe Chaotic Divide
The Terminus Hotel Maesin Chaotic Divide
The Twisted Torus Hotel Maises Broken Dagger
The Blue Lagrange Vebege Iron Nucleus
The Blue Lagrange Xeenle Thor's Hammer
O'Neill's Repose Onisqu Twisted Torus
The Black Moon Cetiisqu Iron Nucleus
The Raxxla Ritz Hotel Zaleriza Scorpions Tail
The Loving Feline Ararus Ares' Spear
The Loving Feline Ara Twisted Torus
The Worlds End Xexeti Chaotic Divide