Shipdata structure

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Every entity is defined by a title-key, followed by a <dict>ionary of the object's properties. Do not use '-'(minus symbol) in the entity title.

The structure of the shipdata.plist is as follows:


***usual XML-Header info***
<plist version="1.0">
    (all relevant property entries)
  <!-- between these everything will be ignored, convenient for selfcomments --> 
    (all relevant property entries)


   // comment
   "my_object" = {
     (all relevant property entries)


  • Z GrOovy HPC pack (2014) equipment appears on outside of ship when bought, and can be damaged in combat impairing its efficiency
  • Refugee Adder (2006, XML) features a rotating rear-end
  • Animated Ships (2010) has flapping wings
  • stations - the docking bay for one thing - and some of the Kiota stations have moving escalators
Also, the original versions of Smiv's BattleDamage merged with Smivs' ShipSet to show hull damage on the ships.