Risky Business

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Improves profits in pirate-ridden systems


Risky Business aims to make Multi-Gov, Feudal and Anarchy systems more rewarding for traders, by tweaking prices on a few goods. Goods that are already over the average could be increased. Goods that are below the average could be reduced. Not all goods will be impacted at all locations.


RB doesn't look at the local systems so much as just assuming a dangerous system (ie. Anarchy, Feudal, Multi-Gov) will have some high-demand commodities. It will randomly pick a couple of commodities that are already above or below average and basically make them more so. So you might occasionally find computers for sale at well over the galactic average, or furs for well under. So computers in Ararus might sell for 120₢/TC.

This contrasts with Cim's Risk Based Economy OXP which also tweaks the markets, but instead "adjusts prices according to trade volume - so safer systems have more 'centred' prices, and hub systems have more 'centred' prices." It looks at how safe/dangerous a system is, based on the type of local systems surround it, and moves prices accordingly. R-BE's focus is on the market as a whole, rather than extreme pricing for just one or two commodities.

This also contrasts, more markedly, with Real-Life Economics which is based on the assumption that traders would ignore the piracy and restore pricing equilibrium where extreme economic systems were close (eliminating the better milk-runs).

Two oxp's for the price of one!

Risk-based economy: choose with Library Config

The current version also incorporates Cim's Risk Based Economy OXP which not only considers the politics of the system but also the hub-ishness of it, and affects prices in a more global fashion.

You can choose to implement the one, the other or both by selecting Library oxp's Config for AddOns on the F4 page (ship and system interfaces).

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  • Author: Phkb
  • License: CC-BY-SA-NC 4.0
  • Version: 0.1 ?
  • Requires: Oolite v.1.81 or newer, Library


Download, unzip and pop into your AddOns folder (see OXP if you need more detail).


Discussion can be found here: BB Link.

Gameplay and Balance Indicator


Better rewards for dangerous trading.