Primable Laser

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A secondary forwards laser.


Based on new technology gained from a captured alien ship, our scientists have developed this secondary forward laser. It is not always reliable, but can be very effective at mid to long range once a commander has learned how to use it correctly. Treat it well and it’ll serve you well! The Primable Laser will only be available to commanders of Deadly rating and above, and currently has two upgrades which will be available to commanders who deserve it… and who have enough credits to buy it.

Available at TL 14 or higher systems. Also you must calibrate it to your ship when purchased. Cost: 50,000₢

This is primable equipment: see Priming Equipment for details on how to use it.

Known Problems

This is an oxp weapon. While The Dark Side exponents have managed to ensure that kills with this weapon do accrue to one's Elite Rating they have not amanged to ensure that missions acknowledge those kills. Hence, this weapon must not be used for such mission targets for the last killing hit! The Railgun.oxp has identical issues.

Download & Installation

This is an OXP, not an OXZ: download from here. Unzip the file, and then move the folder "PrimableLaser.oxp" to the AddOns directory of your Oolite installation. Then start the game up and the equipment should be added. See OXP for more details if needed.


  • Smivs for inventing the laser array for the Annihilator, and also the Wonder Worm.
  • Cody for balancing an uber weapon to a playable one, correcting the texts, and testing.
  • Fatleaf for testing and making comments about how to improve it.
  • Commander McLane for nicking and adopting his code.


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