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A general expansion to the Ooniverse, this OXP introduces a number of new cargo pod variations. Some are nice, some less so...

New Pods

  • Standard containers - some more descriptive variants on the standard 1t cargo pods.
  • Bulk container - larger capacity pod, featuring up to 10 tons of cargo, 100 kilos of metals (gold/platinum) or 200 grammes of gem-stones.
  • Missile pod - again exactly what it says, a missile that can be scooped and added to your arsenal (if you have a free pylon). Usually standard missiles, but sometimes ECM hardened ones for the lucky commander. If scooper not have a free pylon. Then a missile pod will scooped as firearms. If you have a free pylon and it has been scooped missile pod to the cargo hold. If you like, so you can dumping a firearms and scooped for mount to pylon.
  • Fuel pod - similar in nature to the external fuel tank, a pod which can carry up to 3.0 ly of witchspace fuel for your thirsty tanks. Occasionally the fuel has been known to be contaminated, requiring a tank purge.
  • Piggybank pod - some poor soul's personal effects, including their life savings of up to 1000 credits.
  • Empty pod - exactly what it says, either an empty pod or one full of worthless content.
  • Trumble pod - pod containing everyone's favourite burger ingredient.
  • Retry pod - a little annoyance, a pod that doesn't quite scoop right. If all else fails, try try again...
  • Jam pod - no, not a pod full of jam, but when a pod tries to go through a fuel scoop sideways. Pod jams in the scoop, rendering it inoperable until a friendly tech can apply a pry-bar to it in dry-dock.
  • Exploding pod - pod explodes within the ship's shields during scooping. Energy damage done to the ship, and fuel scoops destroyed.
  • Breach pod - pod explodes in hold, causing hull breach. Some cargo may be vented before breach can be repaired.

OXP Pods

These are now included within the main pods OXZ (no additional add-on OXP is needed any more). If you have UPS Courier, Cargo Wreck Teaser and Svengali Cabal Common Library v1.7.1 installed, then some of the cargopods should be from Pods.

Technical Information

This OXP requires at least version 1.79 of Oolite.


Pods 1.48 (0 downloads).

Old versions: Pods 1.46 (650 downloads). Pods 1.35 (3916 downloads).


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike 3.0 license with clauses - see readme file.

Version History

19/08/2008 - Version 0.20, Beta-test release version.
22/08/2008 - version 1.00, Full release, now with Trumble, piggybank, breach and exploding pods added.
31/08/2008 - version 1.01, minor bug fix for the fuel pods fuel leak.
04/11/2008 - Version 1.02, scripting update for compatability with v1.72.
09/04/2009 - Version 1.03, script tidy-up to prevent error for awarding cargo when hold full. Also tweaked trumblepod.
01/11/2009 - Version 1.10, update to add scanclass and some new roles to the pods.
18/03/2010 - Version 1.20, update for v1.74 (not compatible with lower versions).
13/02/2011 - Version 1.21, removal of upper limit, to allow running with 1.75
19/02/2011 - Version 1.22, correction of Manifest / manifest script glitch
10/07/2012 - Version 1.30, merged pods and pods_UPS into one, and updated breachpod script (thanks to Eric W). Also added new variants for the standard 1t pods.
10/12/2012 - Version 1.31, fixed a few case sensitivity issues for non-Windows OS's.
12/12/2012 - Version 1.32, and a few more I missed before.
22/12/2012 - Version 1.33, sorted out some [%I] references in description.plist (again thanks Eric!).
20/01/2013 - Version 1.34, fixed a couple more references I missed last time (yet again thanks to Eric).
07/02/2013 - Version 1.35, added a rogue "s" back into the big kg script (thanks to Plisken for that one!).

12/09/2017 - Version 1.36 : update for oolite v1.79 - cag and rustem.
- Added logging for error cargo type in pods_standardPod.js.
- Edited name of the cargo type in description.plist and script for pods_standardPod.
- Edited the scripts: correct name decsriptions, sometimes increased time for display consoleMessage.
- Edited the shipdata: for pods_emptyBarrel (and pods_UPS_emptyBarrel) decreased value role of the cargopod from 0.1(0.12) to 0.005.
- Edited the shipdata: for pods_missileBarrel decreased value role of the cargopod from 0.05 to 0.005.
- Edited the shipdata: for all standart pods decreased value role of the cargopod from 0.5 to 0.05.
- Added damage sounds to Jam, Exploding and Breach pods.
14/09/2017 - Version 1.37, updated by Rustem
- Added "use strict" in the scripts.
- Improvement of damage sound effect for the correspond pods (thanks cag!).
- Add time interval for display consoleMessage of Jam pod (again thanks cag!).
19/09/2017 - Version 1.38, updated by Rustem
- Fixed: replaced hasScoopMessages on the has_scoop_message in the shipdata.
- Added no has_scoop_message to: fuelPod, emptyPod, retryPod, jamPod, missilePod, explodingPod, trumblePod (and UPS version also).
23/10/2017 - Version 1.39, updated by Rustem
- Added worldScript for storing all the resources. Added timer for exploding and breach pods (thanks cag!).
- Added group roles as brokenpod, bigpod, dampod for application in the other OXPs. Added group role names from UPS Courier OXP.
- Rebalanced role weights.
- New calculation of the credits for piggybank pod.
27/10/2017 - Version 1.40, updated by Rustem
- Resorting and optimization by template pods in the shipdata.plist.
- Added cargopod(hexapod) from CargoWreck OXP like external dependency as broken pods.
- Edited group role names for standart pods.
30/10/2017 - Version 1.41, updated by Rustem
- Added big pod(ccl_crateA) and broken pods(ccl_crateB) for cargopod from Svengali CCL OXP like external dependency.
- Added model scale factor to big pods.
- Fixed shipdata bug for external pods.
18/11/2017 - Version 1.42, updated by Rustem
- Added a routine for checking a setCargo by other OXPs and etc.
- Added logging condition in the pod ship.script.
21/11/2017 - Version 1.43, updated by Rustem
- Code refactoring: released an one script for Bulk container with NPC-scooping feature.
- Added a routine for checking a shipUniqueName for renew of the pod name (for cargo scanner).
- Modified the missilePod script for player-rescooping.
- Upgraded all scripts for NPC-scooping.
01/12/2017 - Version 1.44, updated by Rustem
- Added description for communicate.
- Fixed bug in the addition cargo to NPC.
- Code refactoring.
16/12/2018 - Version 1.45, updated by Rustem
- Logging is off.
- Formatted the JS code: scripts.
- Fixed ship script for trumble pod (a TypeError for player.awardEquipment in pods_standardPod-1t, pods_trumblePod).
- Tweaks in shipdata.plist, adds a materials for missilePod, adds a standartpod role.
- Upgraded a scripts for trumblePod.
20/12/2018 - Version 1.46, updated by Rustem
- Adds cargopods from the Griff Cargopods OXP as standart pod and piggybank pod.
- Reduce chance to award a trumble in the trumble pod.
- Code refactoring of the trumblepod-scooping.
10/07/2020 - Version 1.47, updated by Milo
- Fixed errors in the scripts for the breach pod, jam pod, and exploding pod.
12/07/2020 - Version 1.48, updated by Milo
- Fixed another error in the script for the exploding pod.


Quick Facts

Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
1.48 2020-07-12 CC BY-NC-SA 3 New cargo pods and pod features Mechanics OXPs Thargoid, Rustem (maintainer), Milo (maintainer) BB-Link

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