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Provides various multi-warhead, semi-automatically-targeting, missiles. Available for purchase in various locations.


The expansion pack provides various types of so-called 'Nexus' missiles, namely (1) the 'basic' version, (2) the 'premium' version, (3) the 'ultimate' version, and (4) the 'Bug-Off' anti-Thargoid missile. (And the Bug-Off version sometimes comes in a possibly faulty 'naval reject' variety. . .)

Each type of missile is launched in the normal way, i.e. it sits in a pylon, is armed, then targeted, and then launched.

Each of the types of nexus missile splits into multiple warheads once it reaches a certain distance from its target and, again in the case of every version of the missile, these warheads pick targets automatically. In the case of the Bug-Off missile, the targets are determined by type of ship: this missile is for use against Thargoids! In the case of all the other types of Nexus missile, a warhead will target a ship if it was the original target of the missile or if it is hostile to (has weapons locked on) the ship that launched the missile.

The number of warheads released, their speed, the amount of damage they can take, their degree of ECM-resistance, and how much damage they deal - all this varies from the 'basic' version to the 'premium' version to the 'ultimate'. When you find an instance of one of the versions in a shipyard you can get a description of it. In short, though: the basic version should get two or three attackers off your back for a while and perhaps destroy them if they are damaged already. The premium version does that, but a bit more so. The ultimate version becomes four warheads (all the others become three, except the Bug-Off version which becomes five) and those warheads are very fast and each does more damage than a normal missile - often much more damage, because of the speed. That version - the 'ultimate' version - is a fairly deadly weapon. Consequently it is very expensive.


Nexus Bug-Off Missile: Nexus naval anti-thargoid missile. TL13, 8,250₢

Nexus Bug-Off Missile (naval reject): Nexus anti-thargoid missile. From a batch that failed the rather demanding naval quality control. More than 50% off! TL3, 4,000₢ 
Nexus Missile (ultimate version): Nexus anti-hostile ECM-hardened multi-missile, 'ultimate' version. FOUR heavy warheads. Everything fuel-injected. TL12, 5,600₢

Nexus Missile (premium version): Nexus anti-hostile ECM-hardened multi-missile. This is the premium version with three fast warheads, each almost as powerful as a normal missile. TL9, 1,900₢
Nexus Missile: Nexus anti-hostile ECM-hardened multi-missile. Releases three warheads: TL8, 1,095₢


  • License: Creative Commons Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike 4.0 license
  • Author: Uk Eliter
  • Version: 2.7
  • Required Oolite Version: v.1.82


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You fire one at them ... they fire one at you ... ! But then, they don't usually have one ...