Manifest MFD

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Manifest MFD
Manifest MFD.png
Name Manifest MFD
Cost 550₢
TL Availability 5


Shows cargo manifest information in an MFD.

Great for miners, scavengers and anyone in need of quick manifest information.

Equipment costs 550 credits and is available from TL5 and up stations.

Other OXPs

This oxp tracks the changes of used cargo space, thus catching scooping, jettisoning and destruction of cargo. It does not however note changes of cargo contents. For that an OXP changing the contents of an container in the cargo hold should notify this script by calling notifyCargoChange().

Just add this to your script after you have changed the contents of a container:

if (worldScripts["manifest_mfd"]) worldScripts["manifest_mfd"].notifyCargoChange();


  • Oolite 1.80 or higher