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Gang Warfare! Plus various custom ships / paint jobs to add variety to the ooniverse.

On arrival at Witchpoint and finding a group of the Tiger gang:
Krait "Tiger" to the rest of the gang: "This way! That's the ship!"
Python "Tiger's Big Rig" on shooting at you: "Hey you! Yes, you! I think you dropped this!"


This Oolite expansion pack adds a collection of classic Elite ships with custom paint jobs. Includes also a large number of custom and standard racing vehicles, gang warfare and an anarchic gang of pirates with tiger stripes that somehow don't like the player.

There are ships from the Bloods, Jjaggeds & Grims gangs, but they do not yet operate as "gangs" in the way that the Tigers do.


This OXP requires version 1.65 of Oolite for the extra ships, or version 1.75+ for the scripted encounters.


Place the folder Hotrods.oxp inside the Oolite\AddOns folder, restart Oolite. See OXP for more information (if needed).


v0.53 05/12/2011

- converted plists to openstep.
- scripts and descriptions entries given less generic names.
- discovered a couple of bugs, and updated js to Oolite v1.75+.

v0.52d 16/03/2009

- minor speed improvements & quick update to Oolite v1.71+

v0.52c 01/04/2008

- bugfixed Hotrod's version checking code.


- better aligned textures for some of the racers
- corrected another texture / name mismatch
- made js script more compatible with 1.71 (as yet unreleased)


- bug inside abs2pwm corrected (function would not work correctly if witchpoint buoy was destroyed!)
- minor change to 'reinforcements' code.
- (added in 0.50) ships compatible with oolite 1.65 & will appear as pirates throughout the systems.(added in 0.50)


- added demoships.plist
- updated textures and names to match their ships.
- updated the script to make it a bit more challenging.
- includes abs2pwm function, for better ships placement in Oolite 1.70.


- Cleaned up all ships entries inside shipdata.
- Reintroduced striped sidewinder - from Custom Paint Jobs.
- More Tiger Python bugfixing. No 'civilians' spawned as escorts anymore.
- Tweaked frequency for some ships.
- Converted to javascript.
- Added tigerAI, with tiger gang comms messages.
- Added a minimalistic story arc, see above.
- Requires Oolite 1.70
- Tested against Oolite 1.70 -verify-oxp.

V2.1B 21/7/2007 Fixed a faulty line in SETUP_ACTIONS python shipdata.

V2.0B 20/7/2007 Added Tiger python, updated the script.plist.

V2.0B created 19/7/2007 reduxed V1 and added racers and several paintjobs.

V1 Created in 2005 and compiled by Murgh.


Add the Hotrods gang and get the player in the middle of a gang feud between the two.
The Hotrods - the Tigers fiercest rivals.

Custom Paint changelog

August 2007: By Arexack_Heretic

Cleanup of all the models inside CP&R & CPJ, about 30 ships between models and paint jobs, including 4 types of tiger ships and 12 '50s racetrack style adders. The internal names of the ships were kept the same, to update older, buggier models with these more recent ones.

cbr's Krait (2022)


Hotrods v0.53

Update for Custompaints&Racers_v2_0b.oxp & custpaint1.oxp.
Replaces (and fixes) Custompaints & Racers by Arexack Heretic (before 2007).

This OXP contains:

-No dependencies (unintended or otherwise) on other OXP's.
-Is written in legacy (pre-Javascript) style.
-graphic material and models based on G.Williams' redux set.
-several new models and associated textures designed by me, the author.
-a small test script.plist, that sets up an ambush for the player. This file is for exposition purposes only, take this out as soon as possible. Later versions will include a more involved script.

Future plans:

-more expanded gang shiplists and behaviour, communications.
-some AI scripted racer behaviour.

Compatible with Oolite v1.65 and above. Gang warfare available on Oolite v1.75 and above.

Note should be made that cbr has come up with some new textures for Hotrods (see opposite!)

Gang warfare info: After the player's kills score gets to 30, the gang warfare begins.

At the moment there's only one gang: the tiger gang, and it doesn't like the player. The tiger gang should show itself in numbers in about a third of the systems. They'll have a go at the player the next 5-10 times the player encounters them, then things will quiet down again. (but for how long?)

Individual tiger gang members can also - occasionally - be spotted just about anywhere, but they're not especially singling out the player. Keep this expansion in the AddOns folder to add variety to the Ooniverse.


The author is extremely prone to type, syntax, copy-paste, and other programming errors. My excuses in advance should you encounter the inevitable (non-thargoid) bugs. Please communicate these to me via the boards (


  • Gangs scripting & models cleanup by Kaks.
  • Custompaints & Racers by Arexack_Heretic.
  • v1 version Plist support by Murgh.
  • This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Notes on license from ReadMe:
  • Oolite was created by Giles Williams under creative Commons Licence.
  • As such all derived material, including this Oolite Expansion Pack are subject to the same license.
  • Oolite has been moved under another more commercial license recently, however I feel mentioning the former license suffices. (I need to get some coffee)


Gameplay and Balance Indicator


Tougher - and the gang does not just hang out purely in the anarchies either... they travel! A good oxp.