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Yellow condition (within Station Aegis)
Green condition (with Current Location Display showing on top left)


Pleiadian Laboratories presents: DeeperSpace HUD v1.1

DeeperSpace is the logical evolution of the original DeepSpace HUD, with some enhancements and refinements. Having been some weeks in testing, it has been deemed stable enough for public consumption.

Current Location Display

This HUD has a Current Location display, immediately telling you about some of the key aspects of the solar system you're in, as well as navigation info such as the nearest object, and most importantly, the Current Risk notifier. The risk tells you how dangerous the current situation around you is, at this moment. Information is updated, as it happens.

Next Jump location

Additionally, if you have the Advanced Navigational Array installed, you will get immediate info on your current set jump-destination, what the next system on your route is (depending on the mode you set), and how long this next jump will take.


As a little gimmick, the speed meter will either show your current speed, or indicate that you are in Torus Drive. If Torus is enabled, you will get to see your actual Torus Speed below the speed meter.


To round it off, the crosshairs have been slightly optimized.

Red Alert

This HUD changes for each of the different conditions: Green Condition: shows jump destination at top Yellow Condition (MassLocked): shows warning at top! Red Alert Condtion: shows shields condition at top!


This HUD supports 2 MFD's as shown.

DeepSpace's DeepSpace HUD


Pleiadian's remake of Deepspace's Deepspace HUD (2009). DeepSpace is a game designer and his HUD was part of his own original but unfinished Deepspace game. The lack of a license for the DeepSpace HUD entailed redesign from scratch, and Peliadian took the opportunity to add many interesting features. The process is detailed on the BB Thread linked below.



Gameplay and Balance Indicator


DeepSpace's original was seen as very much fitting in with the aesthetic of large traders such as the Anaconda, Boa and Python.
Note: only two MFD's are supported, and the energy banks are not usually shown (bad for Strangers World). This HUD takes up a large percentage of your screen view, just as DeepSpace's original did.