Solos Alt Stations

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Proto-Coriolis station
GalCop "Wonder" ico station
GalCop "Friendship" dodo station

Solo's Alternate Main Stations with extra added flavour by Redspear


More retextures for the Coriolis, Dodecahedron & Icosahedron orbital stations.

The proto-coriolis tend to be at the poorer systems, while the "Friendship" and "Wonder" stations are at those dominated by non-human species.

Each station now emits communications related to their type.


Proto-Coriolis station. Many systems rely on interaction with GalCop in order to attract trade. For the poorest systems, attracting the necessary investment to build a trade station can be extremely challenging. Cheaper to construct but more prone to maintenance issues, there is growing evidence to suggest that the 'Proto-Coriolis' may in fact be the predominant factor in some systems remaining poor.

GalCop 'Wonder' ico station. Constructed in the more significantly GalCop influenced, non-human systems. Designed to impress the locals much more than the itinerant trader, local influence is typically much weaker here and that's the way GalCop prefers it. The extent to which the 'wonder' label is accurate depends upon what exactly the locals are wondering about in their assessment of their foreign 'guests'.

GalCop 'Friendship' dodo station. Built in higher tech, non-human systems where the humanocentric GalCop can typically exert greater influence. Non-humans often tolerate GalCop at best and the 'friendship' name of these stations both belies and hints at that same state of affairs. A higher tech-level station is typically a better supplied station, which often correlates with there being a stronger GalCop presence.


  • Original Models by Griff: Coriolis, Dodecahedron, Icosahedron, and Docking Bay
  • Fragment and vertex shader files by Griff
Metaforce Coriolis
GASEC Blue Dodo
FrontierTech Worldranger ICO
New descriptions.plist and shiplibrary.plist for Oolite Ship Library preview
New shipdata.plist for compatibility with Oolite's core AI's and roles.
Retextured: Diffuse + specular map, normal + glow map for the Coriolis, Dodo, and Ico
Script added by Redspear.


License: CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0

Version history

  • v1.4 comms now added for the proto-coriolis
  • v1.3 added comms to the dodo and ico stations to go with their library descriptions
  • v1.2 responding to the issue highlighted by cbr, I've redone the shiplibrary descriptions to better reflect the influence of the script
  • v1.1 dodo and ico stations now found exclusively in non-human systems
  • v1.0 coriolis stations now found exclusively in the poorest systems


Gameplay and Balance indicator


This OXP replaces some of the standard stations with the new textures and communication broadcasts. There are no new markets which would affect gameplay.