Fuel Generator

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Fuel Generator OXP
Name Fuel Generator
Cost 20,000₢
TL Availability 13+

Fuel generator allows one to synthesize fuel from energy.


  • Synthesizes 1LY fuel for every energy bank which it devours.
  • Damages shields due to subspace disturbances.
  • Takes up 5TC of cargo space.


Ensure your Fuel Generator is primed. Then press the relevant key to generate fuel. See Priming Equipment for more details if needed.

Note that while your fuel supplies fill up, your Shields and Energy levels are temporarily drained.


Downloadable through the in-game Expansions Manager under (Equipment).

Download: FuelGenerator_0.2.oxz‎ (downloaded 1616 times).


Gameplay and Balance indicator


Good for getting stuck in Witchspace/Interstellar space (if not under attack!). Can be jolly useful in bi-i-ig ships such as the Imperial Star Destroyer (2km long) which have o-o-odles of energy.