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Merchanter's Zeal gives an immediate sell-advisory at the witchpoint (recallable through the comms log). Jinny has the GETter HUD 1.4. & buys through More Moolah Market 1.3.
Merchanter's Zeal gives a personalized buy-advisory at a Zarece station via Jinny's F4 Interface. She still has the GETter HUD 1.4. & buys through More Moolah Market 1.3. Guess she's sticking with them!

The Merchanters' League

Join the Merchanters' League for free, accurate, and succinct advice on buy- and sell-prices at every station in every system you visit. Advisories via the F4 Interface as well as witchpoint in-flight comms.

MZ uses your trading history as its basis for buy-advice, and for sell-advice your own hold's manifest.

Merchanter's Zeal makes an ideal pairing with the lucrative More Moolah Market (MZ + MM = $$$)


The Merchanters' League is in no way affiliated with G.E.T. Not at all. Not in any way.


Intended Users

Merchanter's Zeal is intended for those who are already competent traders - those who can, in other words, arrive at Lave, exchange their Cobra immediately for a Sidewinder, Krait, or Adder and capitalize on the huge sum that exchange nets them; then remove all missiles, the laser, and any extra equipment the ship comes with, for still more funds.

Now there is ample cash in hand to fit all essential upgrades: Cargo Space Refit, Overdrive, Auxiliary Pylon, 10-ton pod, and - at Zaonce - an ASC and WFI enabling installation of the Teleportation Drive.

All this by Zaonce at the latest, with a few thousand left over for your first profitable buys on the Market. That's competent trading.

Further Observations

MZ is not, and never will be, an integrated part of Elite Trader Meta: they are completely separate domains of work. But the two do play very nicely together!

Elite Trader will check for the presence of Merchanter's Zeal, however, and if it finds it, will give MZ full rein in place of its own witchpoint Trade Advisory (which covers only two prime commodities of the 'old market').


Download Merchanter's Zeal via Oolite's in-game Expansions Manager, or here:

Download Merchanter's Zeal 1.1 OXZ

Just drop the OXZ into your Oolite->AddOns folder.


1.1: A threshold of 2000 cr before witchpoint sell-advisories appear has been introduced. Buy histories now save and load correctly.

1.0: initial public offering.

Quick Facts

Minimum Oolite versionCPU usage lowMemory usage averageGPU usage low


Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
1.1 2022-12-18 CC BY-NC-SA 4 Enhances Trading Mechanics OXPs Reval []