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FE Shipyards is proud to unveil our J-fed Overdrive technique. Long in development, this complex modification is finally ready for practical application and delivery to you, our valued customer.

We will re-route part of your Jump circuitry, linking it to your vehicle's velocity-controller.

When full speed is set, the J-drive will engage in a limited mode, similar in effect to an injector, but silent, fluid, faster, and without the attendant fuel-waste.

We call it the O-drive.


Our service includes the option to disconnect or reconnect the O-drive circuits at any time. This switch will also act as a 'reset' in case of unexpected behaviour. Go to your F4 Interface under 'Your FE Shipyards' to access the Overdrive connection switch.


The O-drive will disengage automatically under the following conditions:

  • Upon starting Jump-drive
  • Upon docking
  • Upon entering witchspace.

Overdrive is smoothly adjustable from lowest to highest setting using your vehicle's velocity-controller. The O-drive's range begins at your vessel's top speed and can be increased to 10 times the craft's nominal maximum speed.

To disengage the O-drive, decelerate to below your vessel's normal top speed.


Cdr. Jinny Jameson of "Tianve's Tides" has just engaged her O-drive. The neophyte Sister's new GETter HUD speed readout shows her O-drive velocity at just above the nominal top speed of her Sidewinder FE.
And now Jinny has pushed her Overdrive to the limit.

Here are some ascending velocity ranges for popular vehicles from our catalogue:

Gecko FE: O-drive velocity range: 212-2120.

Adder FE: O-drive velocity range: 240-2400.

Krait FE: O-drive velocity range: 267-2670.

Cobra III FE: O-drive velocity range: 267-2670.

Mamba FE: O-drive velocity range: 272-2720.

Asp II FE: O-drive velocity range: 294-2940.

Sidewinder FE: O-drive velocity range: 308-3080.

Viper II FE: O-drive velocity range: 334-3340.


  • 1.5: fixed a serious bug in which the O-drive still got disengaged even when the equipment wasn't installed, resulting in zeroisation of the craft's maximum speed.
  • 1.4: finally working nicely.
  • 1.3: fixed yet more.
  • 1.2: fixed a few more.
  • 1.1: fixed a few 'teething glitches'.
  • 1.0: initial (somewhat premature) release.


Download Overdrive 1.5 OXZ

Overdrive is available in the Equipment section of Oolite's Expansions Manager in-game.

Do make sure to update your Expansions list first!

Quick Facts

Minimum Oolite versionCPU usage lowMemory usage averageGPU usage low


Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
1.5 2022-12-04 CC BY-NC-SA 4 Eases travel Equipment OXPs Reval []