Yasen-N Turret

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These are independent gun turrets which house plasma weapons

The plasma turret weapons fitted to capital ships and sometimes smaller OXP ships:

  • automatic shot leading makes them reasonably accurate
  • they're turrets, so you don't also have to point the ship more than vaguely in the right direction
  • no overheating
  • no energy use
  • low damage per hit
  • short range

The addon offers a kind of upgrade path. It features one basic Yasen-N model, buyable at Shipyards with TL7 or above, which can be upgraded to one of three different Yasen-N Advanced models. You can choose between three different turret setups, which can be bought for 100,000₢ on shipyards with TL13 or above. When sold you get a refund of around 30% of the original.


  • You have to have a clean legal status.
  • You always need 15t of free cargo space for fitting the turret and plasma generators.
Lira heavy trader with turrets


These can only be fitted on ships such as

Note that a number of orbital stations and dockables also possess turrets (Kiota Stations, Deep Space Dredgers, etc). Also note that Carriers has a turreted version.


The Buyable/sellable Yasen-N turrets OXZ is downloadable through the in-game Expansions Manager


  • Turret Toggler OXP enhances control over the turret to prevent "friendly fire"

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