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The early years

A:ma: was layed, hatched and grew up on the coasts of an uncharted little planet revolving around a dying g-class star in galaxy 3 and belongs to one of the prawn-like species - btw. calling one of them a shrimp is considered a cardinal crime, there- living all over the planet. Though technically interested, they are more what you would call grounded people, if you can say this about a water preferring species.

But SaR teams from Fractulus[1] sometimes landed to rescue stranded spacers, and once when A:mah was very young there was a huge Capisasstra space invasion, which was successfully beaten back (although to be honest, the planet had so little to offer the Capisasstra probably retreated as soon they realized it.)

All this lit a spark in A:ma:. He looked up into the night sky, listened to stories about long gone heros like Ro:dn:[2], K:irk:[3], Cur:tis:Newt:on:[[4]], M:Clane[[5]], Str:aker:[6] or the adventures about a prawn called a:sur, who was taken along a trip to the stars, when his home planet was destroyed by a poetry loving alien race[7]. He always dreamed about walking the sky one day...

When Amah (which is the transcript of his name in GALcop unispeech) got into his years of exploration, he heard about two spacers called B:ell: and B:raben:, C:obra:3: spaceships, and a C:riol:s in a place called L:ave: He got curious, and with his best friend Ma:rk: he sneaked on a trading ship. How he got to L:ave: and what is more improtant how he ended up with 100c and a trusty Cobra mk.3, powered by its powerfull c:64 main computer bank is not know anymore, also what happened then is all but a fading memory... All what is still certainly known, he later upgraded the ship's main computer to an A:mig:a and made it even to the [Frontier|frontier].

If you could see, what I've seen with your eyes.

After some time Amah returned to his home planet, he settled down but always longed for space. One day he heard rumours about an Explorer called G:ile:s. He learned the Universe has changed (its name). He saw holo pictures of breathtaking spaceships in battles in front of impressive space stations by a designer called G:r:iff:. Once more he made his way into space, but to his dismay he learned being a prawn he had limited visual skills (graphical cortex uncapable to process visual instructions) to see his environment in all its beauty. So, he stuck to a low profile life and was content with that...

Then a short while back something strange happened to Amah, ships he knew for some time now started almost to look like in the pictures, the species who had more visual capabilities than him published. He made contact to the person, who was the inventor of the special ways these ships were constructed. Out of pity or kindness Cpt:So:lo: taught him the skills and Amah was able to rebuilt a defunct Wolf Mk.II spaceship as he always imagined it. Encouraged he started to rebuild a great number of spaceships and called his project "noshaders", deriving from a saying of a famous edible poet from Galaxy 1: "there's more than one shade to the Ooniverse", which he happened to think it suited well.

The present

Though he is no member of a salvage gang, A:ma: roams the eight galaxies to find old abandoned and now defunc'd space ships to fix and maintain them and to help his fellow prawns see the ships like almost on the images around the space ports and bulletin boards. He's mostly test flying his tinkered ships, but sometimes he's still out doing some trading and brawling with pirates.

On one of his journeys he had a first encounter with new type of ship floating in space all silent and defunc'd. After some work on the internals of the ship getting access to the core datas, the main computer idenitfyed itself as a Yasen-N class ship, built on Rea in G4 by a small workshop called Radical Logistics. By tracking down the founder in a SPA IN a town on t:ra: and getting in contact with him on GalNET, the head of RL Mr. Mickey Moriatry told he got involved in other "stuff" and left RL. He offered Amah to look after the RL ship designs and promised to look through the company's database what he can find about the projects RL was working on...

One might say, Amah is curently lacking ambition, because he's not really striving to be either Elite or Dangerous but if asked about it, he always answers ":s: l:ong:s:ers:0:L:inu:x:ve:rsi:on:0:th:nx" (which roughly translates to "I know where my place is"

previous and current ships

  • "Klabautermann", Cobra Mk3 class vessel, port of registry: Lave
  • "Rigel IV", Ophidian class vessel, port of registry: Xexedi
  • "Laenina Crowne", Yasen-N class vessel, port of registry: Arexe
    • upgraded with top rear turret to Yasen-N Advanced class at: Ceesxe