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Simon's Python retexture

This page is devoted to Simon's Neolite ships. He also created the Re2dux Shipset.


This is a 2014 collection of Simon Bridge's models and textures from the following OXP's:

  1. Fer-de-Lance and Escape Pod from the 24 ships in his Neolite Ships OXP.
  2. Bushmaster Miner, Chameleon, Ghavial, Iguana, Monitor, Mussurana, Ophidan Yacht, Python Class Cruiser, and Salamander from Neolite Companion OXP (over half of them).
  3. Asp Explorer, Cobra Courier, Cobra Rapier, Drake Mk I, and Wolf Mk I from Neolite Wolfies OXP (almost all of them).

So What?

I've always been a fan of Simon Bridge's modeling and texturing skills. My aim with this OXP was to add some visual effects by rendering the ships with new shaders and textures. Well, the shaders aren't exactly new. I used Oolite's built in vertex shader and Keeper's fragment shader. Another goal was to bring these ships up to speed for Oolite 1.80, which offers new AI's and ship roles.

New Textures

I left Simon's diffuse textures untouched but I tweaked the models in Wings3D to give each ship a streamlined appearance rather than all hard edges. I used the diffuse texture as a base and created from them the following:

  1. Greyscale specular map in the alpha channel of the diffuse texture.
  2. Effects Map for glowing effects.
  3. Normal Map with a greyscale hull tint map in the alpha channel.

Configuration Changes

I thoroughly tested each ship for validation of all hard points for the shipdata.plist. I adjusted the weapons and view positions as needed. Aft views were edited so the exhaust plume would not obscure the HUD or interfere with targeting. I amended the shipyard.plist and created a shiplibrary.plist.


Click on thumbnails to view full sized images.


Ship Max Cargo Max Velocity Energy Weapon Facings Pylons Shields Base Price
Asp Explorer 5 380 350/4.25 2 1 Both 300,000 Cr.
Chameleon 40 300 280/3.0 2 4 Both 200,000 Cr.
Cobra Courier 30 350 256/4.5 4 2 Both 250,000 Cr.
Cobra Rapier 25 360 320/4.5 2 2 Both 175,000 Cr.
Drake Mk. I 10 300 256/2.5 2 2 Both 125,000 Cr.
Fer-de-Lance SS 12 350 256/4.5 2 2 Both 450,000 Cr.
Ghavial 25 250 300/4.0 4 4 Boosters 300,000 Cr.
Iguana 15 370 320/4.0 2 4 Both 280,000 Cr.
Monitor 50 180 420/4.0 4 5 Both 320,000 Cr.
Mussurana 15 375 256/4.75 2 4 Both 500,000 Cr.
Ophidian Yacht 20 360 220/3.0 2 2 Both 175,000 Cr.
Python Class Cruiser 75 350 450/3.5 2 4 Boosters 350,000 Cr.
Salamander 25 370 280/4.0 4 3 Both 250,000 Cr.
Wolf Mk. I 15 400 320/4.25 2 2 Both 250,000 Cr.

Manual Installation

Move or copy the file, "SimonB's_Ships1.0.oxz" into your AddOns folder. Where that resides depends on the location of your Oolite installation.


Minimum requirement is Oolite 1.80. No dependencies.


SimonB's_Ships OXZ (downloaded 2590 times) v.1.0
SimonB's_Ships OXZ (downloaded 1300 times) v.1.1.3


See Mossfoot's Tales of Woe... (2014)


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