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Santa Claus
Size (W×H×L) Obese
Cargo capacity Toys
Cargo bay extension More Toys
Maximum speed 0.18 LM Or
at once.
Manoeuvrability Roll: 2.0
Pitch: 0.8
Energy banks Christmas
Cheer, AKA
Energy recharge rate

Good (3.0)

Gun mounts Water Pistols?
But I wanted
a bike!
Missile slots Fireworks
Shield boosters available Yes
(You can't
hurt Santa!)
Military shields available Yes
don't do it!)
Hyperspace capable You don't need
When you're
OXP or standard OXP.
(Isn't Santa
Available to player No! You're not
Base price You're going
on the
'Naughty' List.


Just for fun adds a (very rare) Santa Sledge to the space lanes escorted by plasma gun toting reindeer space bikers!

There is a small mission within: if you defeat his ship then you can scoop Santa's Lists with the names of good childrens. Deliver it to the main station for some reward.

Santa has an oolite 'trader' role with a slightly less chance than normal trader ships of being selected by oolite to populate a system, this means that santa is rare but he may turn up more than once, so remember, it's not the real santa out there, just one of his many helpers.

Thanks to lolwhites for the idea and to Littlebear for help fixing the prezzies in the .plists

This version add some reindeer escorts for santas sleigh to help keep him safe.

Check this forum topic for screenshots and more info.


Santa is found in the North Pole.

When not at the North Pole, he chooses to stay in the in-game Expansions Manager


he might be feeding the reindeer at Santa OXP.


he can be found in the alternative low-end Santa OXP.


when flying in Oolite 1.74 or higher you can probably find him in "Santa 1.2" OXP.


in Santa_1.2.oxz (downloaded 445 times).

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Installation Notes

Install this oxp in the usual way and than forget about it. The oxp reads the system clock and will deactivate itself outside the Christmas time, so when you see no effects outside this period, it is normal.

Griff 16/12/06

Version History

  • Version 1.0 Original release
  • Version 1.1 (November 2009)
- translation to JS and Oolite 1.73
- added code so the special ships only appear round christmastime.
  • Version 1.2 (May 2010)
- adapted for Oolite 1.74: new equipment handling and new mission screen. No functional changes.


  • BB Thread: Santa.oxp - a very old thread returns (2006-16)

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