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Cim's second tailor-made universe - 8 galaxies worth!

This is a real discovery game! There is at the outset little clue as to what the prices might be at the next system. If you breeze through enough of the various F7 pages, it seems that there was an alien invasion many years ago, which hampered settling the systems in the Galaxy. There are references to various power-blocs strewn around the galaxy. It's up to you to discover how it all works!

Oh ... it seems that the usual optional vanilla game equipment (fuel injectors, EEU's, ASC's etc) is not easily available - if at all! Some of it is worked into the equipment components that your ship already has (combat computer, navigation computer etc).


Cim's Summary of what he was experimenting with in this OXP

   scenario definition and core exclusion features
   alternative economic system and trade goods
   planetinfo rewriting and additional feature usage
   GUI settings
   equipment 'provides' keys and other equipment-based ship customisation
   data_source HUD dials
   during its development... the new OXP verifier features

Additionally there's a few "just for fun" features (not all of which actually make for particularly fun gameplay)

   large cargo ships too big to dock having cargo loaded and unloaded by shuttles, before going off on multi-system trade routes
   NPC torus drive (and bigger system scales to make use of it), as well as some prototype AIs to use it.
   uninhabited systems
   unique detailed procedural descriptions for all 2048 systems based on a generated history

F5 Manifest Screen

SOTL Altmap F5.png

Your new ship, actually based on a Cobra MkIII, but tweaked a tad & named a "Kodiak".

Note that you can customize the equipment, affecting the readouts on the right:

  • The ES bar (top left, yellow) tells you how much Equipment Space you have.
  • The DES bar (bottom left, yellow) is for Drive Equipment Space.
  • The green slider bar on the middle on the right determines how much energy goes into your fore & aft shields

F3 Shipyard Screen

SOTL Altmap F3.png

Rejigging your equipment - here showing options for Engines

This is where you make decisions which affect the bars/sliders mentioned above

F6 Galaxy Screen

AltMap Icons.png
SOTL Altmap F6.png
  • The Biripaon Entente is the local Alliance of star-systems where one starts. Others include the Wiez Homeworlds (east), Ochuts & Veacsasa Sceptre (both south/southeast)
  • AT systems tend not to be settled - or to have orbital stations! And not just AT systems...

First Icons Row: Political Systems
1) Purple Null: Empty System (No government) - often no orbital station 2) Yellow Star: USC (United Species Coalition: Embassy?) 3) Brown Arrows: Civil War/Fragmented Rule 4) Pink Crown: Feudal paradise/Family Clan rule/Martial Law 5) Red Sickle: Socialist/Communist 6) Blue Lozenge: Quarantined system/Anarchy/Precedentarchy/Transapientist 7) Blue Ballot: Democracy: Direct/Federal/Republican 8) Green N: Company monopoly/Timocracy

Second Icons Row: Economies
1) Red Atom: Research (Comp/Soc) - might be low TL! 2) Purple Phone: Cultural/Service Economy/Tourism 3) Green Plant: Farming/Agricultural 4) Brown Flag: Colonization 5) Mauve Gear: Shipyard/Production/Refining 6) Yellow Hammers: Mining: ground mining/asteroid mining 7) Blue Swords: Military 8) Red Hazard: Survival (often no population/orbital station)

F7 System Information Screen

SOTL Altmap F7.png

Note that the names of stars and their planets differ.

The closest system to your starting point (Help's Illumination), also part of the Biripaon Entente alliance.

The quantities of goods which will be bought here is limited, and the prices are not necessarily what might be expected!

As in the regular game, the arrow keys toggle between the system you have targeted and the system you are currently in.

F8 Commodities Screen

SOTL Altmap F8.png

The first of some 2 1/2-odd pages of commodities!

Note that you can refuel during flight from any fuel bought on this screen (if you bought the appropriate equipment). This is necessary for covering distances as many systems do not have orbital stations, and fuel scoops seem unavailable (and one is at a greater distance from the sun than in the vanilla game)

Also note that details about each commodity are available when that commodity is selected and the F8/8 button is pressed.


There are 3 files.

The Loader OXZ (Song_of_the_Labyrinth_Startup_1.1)
And Altmap (Song_of_the_Labyrinth_Altmap_1.0)
also the Exploration OXZ (SOTL_Exploration_0.4) - see SOTL Exploration for details of this second scenario

As this is a scenario OXP which changes many of Oolite's basic rules, it is disabled in conventional Oolite games, and requires the starting of a new game from a special position to play it. This position is available in the SOTL Loader/Startup OXP (for technical reasons this must be downloaded separately).

None of your normal OXPs will be usable in a SOTL Exploration game.

For more information, see the forum thread


This is currently an experimental OXP. It is a collection - not necessarily a particularly coherent one - of various pieces of code written to test 1.82's new features while they were being developed, as well as a few other bits of prototype feature.
It includes:

- 2048 long-form planetary descriptions (ie: 8 galaxies!)
- complex ship customisation
- NPC's now get the torus drive too!
- alternative economy and trade good set
- various other proof-of-concept and prototypes code


You can tweak the scenario oxp to allow it to load other oxp's too. Adding in Spara's Market Observer allows one to operate more sensibly in cim's new markets with their 40-odd new commodities! One can also add in other desired oxp's such as HUDs, MFDs, equipment etc. Note that not everything will work perfectly! For example, Cim's reworking of system politics (socialist systems, Precedentarchies, United Species Coalition planets etc.) might not be recognised by whatever oxp you add on, which might be rooted in labelling everything as vanilla anarchies & democracies instead!

  • See here for tweaking details.