Ramaza Liberation Front

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The Ramaza Liberation Front, or RLF, was originally formed to oppose the centuries-old dictatorship on the planet Ramaza in Galaxy 2.

Logo64 Dictatorship.png Ramaza Logo64 PoorAgricultural.png
Logo TL7.png
Government: Dictatorship Population: 4.8 Billion (Human Colonials)
Economy: Poor Agricultural Productivity: 8978 MCr
Technology Level: 7 Planet Radius: 3647km

Ramaza is cursed by dreadful civil war.

The system was originally a Democracy, but devolved to a Dictatorship following a military coup. Since then, the upper echelons of Ramaza's government have been dominated by a military junta. This has lead to long decades of civil unrest as successive governments have taxed the civilian population almost to poverty, ploughing the money into military projects and maintaining immense forces of ground troops, naval assets, aircraft and, more recently, spacecraft. The overly aggressive standpoint of the Ramazaian government has meant that the Galactic Cooperative's Security Council have maintained a constant vigil on the system government's policies, fearing expansionist actions into neighbouring systems. To date, the Ramaza space navy has been restricted to a few hundred ships, supplied by the Ionics Corporation.

Currently, the RLF have made some three hundred representations to the Galactic Cooperative of Worlds for intercession into the on-going struggles between themselves and the current government of Ramaza, but due to its policy of non-intervention in any one system's political, civil or military unrest, GalCop has so far refused to offer any support to them.

Rumours abound that the Ramaza Liberation Front have been courting several outside agencies in their desperation to counter the government's increasingly daunting array of military assets, but only time will tell if these negotiations will come to anything.