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GalCop Viper Mark II
GalCop Viper Cruiser

Increases the types of GalCop (Police) Viper patrol ships with the GalCop Viper Mark II and the GalCop Viper Cruiser.

Murgh's original comments: "Experimental Cops: FFE's Viper Mk II and a turret-wielding Viper Cruiser".


  • Download through the in-game Expansions Manager.
  • Or, also in OXZ format here for Oolite 1.79 or later (downloaded 3932 times). Place in ManagedAddOns Folder
  • Download in OXP format: Place in AddOns Folder. Version 1 from Oosat (2006).


  • Author: Murgh: updated to 1.01 in Jan 2006 (added shipdata frequency odds (less frequent), shrank imagesizes)