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Cost 1.200
TL Availability 7


Trading goods between worlds is an extremely dangerous and hard job and a commander will need some relaxing moments. Listen to your radio station and enjoy Jazz, Folk, Rock or whatever you like. Use one station for all systems or expand it, so you will get different programs in different systems. You can even add your own music to the playlist. So rip your CDs, download songs, or install one or more of the available musicpacks. Everything is possible - and travelling will be much more fun - even 'milkruns' won't be boring business anymore. And with the capacity to be expanded by other users creating their own musicpacks it will always be the right investment.

Additionally Frame has created a nice oxp for random docking music.


Adding own songs to the main playlist of the Hyperradio is simple. Please note that only ogg-vorbis is supported by Oolite.

1. Just place your soundfiles in the OXPs Music-folder.
2. Open hyperradio.js in the Scripts-folder (you can use a simple text-editor) and add your filenames to the array.

 this.hyperradio_playListOriginal = [

Save your additions. That's it.

3. Fire up Oolite and buy the Hyperradio license (it is not everywhere available).

  • Launch from the station and select it via priming key (Shift + N).
  • Select the station via activation key (n). You can cycle through the available stations.
  • To start playing a station press the mode key (b).

To get some more complexity it is possible to use different 'stations' with different playlists. There are a few musicpacks already available for you.

If you are using one or more of the available musicpacks the Hyperradio preselects one of them or the main list.

Documentation about creating own stations is available at the HowTo make a own station page.


OXPConfig compatible.png

The Hyperradio is your personal tool for playing music in the game. Before it was a bit tedious to run other applications (like Winamp) for this case, because these music-players are not really connected to Oolite and the user doesn't have control about it (or has to switch to this application). The Hyperradio jumps in here to play your songs and reacts on changes in Oolite.

Additionally it is compatible and configurable via OXPConfig2 and Repair Bots.

Hyperradio can be configured (OXPConfig2 or editing):

  • logging: en/disables the extended logging. Default false.
  • mergePacks: en/disables copying musicpacks in mainlist. Default true.
  • podMusic: en/disables playing a short sample when player ejects. Default true.
  • onlyMain: en/disables using only the main playlist. Default false.



For Oolite v1.76.1:

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