Here be Dragons

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F6 chart: The local systems are identified, further unvisited systems are not
F7 screen: information for a distant unvisited system

Here be Dragons OXP by stranger

Discover your Ooniverse for yourself! No galactic maps where you are spoonfed the locations of everything that exists in your galaxy ... you now have to find it all out for yourself. If discovery and exploration is something that you are looking for in the game, then give this .oxp a try!


Here be Dragons restricts the information shown on your F6 (Galactic Map) and F7 (Solar System Data) screens. F6 now only shows stars in your immediate vicinity - and those that you have already visited! It only allows repeated access to the solar-system information (F7) for already visited systems. It also allows temporary access for systems in the 7 LY range.

There is now an ocean of unexplored worlds beyond your horizon!

When you are docked in any station you will have access to the coordinates of unvisited systems beyond the 7 LY horizon, and you may also plot routes to these systems - that's all. There are no longer any clues for the tech level, economy, government type etc. When you are in flight mode, any unvisited systems are now hidden - you only have access to your ship's personal database. Jumping to a new system allows info access for new systems within your new 7 LY range, but all these temporary contacts will be hidden again once you are beyond this 7 LY horizon.

You need Explorer's Club installed to use this OXP!

Compatibility issues

This OXP is incompatible with ZeroMap (author SMax) due to conflicting functionality.

This OXP may cause issues with generating missions into unexplored systems while in flight.

Generating missions into unexplored systems whilst in docked state seems to work fine.

Reports of any mission-related problems are welcome!


Capt. Murphy & Wildeblood - the fantastic Explorer's Club OXP; Commander Vasig - idea of this OXP and the stimulus for its reincarnation

Version history

30.01.2019 - Version 1.0.2 Converted to OXZ

18.04.2018 - Version 1.0.1 Fixed missed dependency in manifest.plist.

17.04.2018 - Version 1.0 Code edited to satisfy OXP Standards recommendations, manifest.plist added.

18.08.2017 - Version 0.9 Unexplored system on map concealed on this.StartUpComplete event to give System Makeup full assess for systems info.

18.04.2017 - Version 0.8 Fixed hyperjump freeze issue caused by conflict with CargoTypeExtension-Dynamic script in New Cargoes OXP.

07.09.2016 - Version 0.7 Fixed missing concealment reset after docking.

07.09.2016 - Version 0.6 Unvisited systems beyond 7 LY horizon completely invisible in flight.

29.07.2016 - Version 0.5 Map upgrade after jump to new system / new chart refined. \ 22.07.2016 - Version 0.4 Code rewritten to implement concealment parameter for unvisited systems.

22.12.2013 - Version 0.3 F7 screen available immediately after entering the system.

20.12.2013 - Version 0.2 7 LY horizon info screen added. Public release.

13.12.2013 - Version 0.1 Initial release (internal testing).


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