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Original OXP snapshot
List of visited systems

Explorer's Club records the systems which you have visited.


Useful for explorers (and used by other OXPs which make more of the exploration side of Oolite).


Once installed this OXP keeps track of unique systems visited and reports on the manifest screen (F5, F5) the total systems visited out of 256 in the current chart and the total systems visited out of 2048 in the whole Ooniverse. It also displays an Explorer ‘rank’. You need to visit all 2048 systems to be ranked an Elite Explorer.

In addition this OXP adds some functionality to the Long Range Chart (F6, F6) in that it can be set to different modes. To access the options go to the Interfaces screen (F4) when docked. The available options are:

1) Default - standard long range chart behaviour.
2) Long range chart shows animation of systems visited to date, in order of first visit (marked with green X's)
3) Long range chart marks unvisited systems (marked with orange lozenges)

The options screen also allows you to choose when a system is recorded as visited. The options are.

1) Default – when docked at the main station.
2) Immediately on arrival from witch-space.
3) When reaching the planet's surface.

Options are persistent between sessions with the same saved game.

The options screen also gives access to two further sets of mission screens.

1) Displays a list of the system names that have been visited so far in the current Galaxy, followed by a list of the system names that are yet to be visited in the current galaxy.
2) Displays a list of mile-stones that the player has completed, or not completed, so far. Defined mile-stones are:
  • Visited all of the ‘Old Worlds’ in galaxy 1.
  • Visited all of the ‘Famous Planets’ in galaxy 1 (as per OXP of same name).
  • Visited all of the ‘Famous Planets’ in galaxy 2 (as per OXP of same name).
  • Visited the ‘Prodigal Suns’ in galaxy 3.
  • Visited the ‘Lost Worlds’ in galaxy 6.
  • Visited the systems beyond the ‘Great Rift’ in galaxy 7.
  • Visited Oresrati in galaxy 8.
  • Visited all 8 galaxies at least once.

The experimental feature to keep a photographic record of systems visited, only usable with development versions of Oolite, has been removed from this version of the OXP.

ChangeLog & Downloads

Download 1.4.6 in OXZ format here for Oolite 1.80 or later.

Version 1.4.6 (3/2/2024) Removed Ranking from F5-F5 Manifest Screen

Version 1.4.5 (3/2/2024) Did something else (or didn't do it, because of typo.)

Version 1.4.4 (19/8/2014) Can now leave mission screens at any time, and fixed harmless bug introduced in 1.4.3.

Version 1.4.3 (5/8/2014) Counter now displayed on interface summary, jumping into a nova system is now always logged immediately, and fine-tuned the change made in 1.4.2.

Version 1.4.2 (27/7/2014) Code updated for Oolite 1.80: bug-fix for loading games saved at stations other than GalCop main.

Version 1.4.1 (21/10/2013) System data screen tweaked, micro-tweak to API functions, last text string moved to missiontext.plist file.

Version 1.4 (9/6/2013) Based on version 1.3.3, updated by Wildeblood. Code updated for Oolite 1.77, station interface added, photographic record feature removed, nearly all text strings moved to missiontext.plist file, new option for recording visit added, API functions added.

Download original standalone version 1.3.3 from the box.

Also mirrored on JazHaz's Box.

Download alternate version 1.3.3.oxpC that uses OXPConfig to change options in game from the box.

Related OXPs

  • For the Machiavellian Masters of Murderous Mayhem
Wildeblood has returned from the Outer Darknesses with a special AddOn for this OXP. Download File:Serial Killer.oxz and add it in to your OXP cocktail mix (either your AddOns or your ManagedAddOns folder work just fine) and your count of visited systems will now only add in those systems in which you scored a kill!


Requires Oolite 1.80


You might wish to consult How to tweak OXZ's


Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
1.4.6 5/2/2024 CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 New activities, improved chart screen Activities OXPs Capt. Murphy & Wildeblood Oolite BB.