Dumping Cargo

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When attacked by pirates, one way of escape is by dumping some of your cargo. They will often announce a "toll" of say 2 or 5 TC (cargo containers) which you must dump if you wish to flee unmolested.


R: selects cargo to be dumped
D: dumps one container for each press


  • You need to do this fairly quickly, otherwise the pirates might get in range and start firing on you anyway.
  • When you dump the cargo, make sure you dump it in a way that makes the pirates have to run to get it. Turn, and fly directly away from them, then pull up and dump. That should send the cargo on a direct line away from the pirates, meaning they will spend a bit of time chasing down the cargo and giving you more of a chance to escape. Then change course (to make it more difficult for them to follow you) - and run!.
  • Keep some "pirate kibble" in your cargo hold if this is a tactic you follow - some cheap containers of food or other such to be dumped.


  • Dealing with piracy (Oolite)
  • See also the OoliteRS (Reference Sheets) and AdviceforNewCommanders which came as .pdfs in your original game download. Probably worth printing out!
  • An amusing thread from 2007. See especially Pause (July 27th) & onwards!


  • Ejection Damper (from GalCop Missions) stops the cargo from moving once dumped. Not recommended for pirate-provoked dumping! Especially if you dump more than one cargo canister - as it will stop them from dispersing and make them easier to scoop.