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After ever-increasing concerns about the number of pilots dying on their first trip due to pirate attacks, a number of systems have funded the installation of simulated combat environments for training purposes. With the simulators being capable of producing fights considerably tougher than the average pirate pack, they're also popular with skilled combateers wanting to show off after a drink or two.


This OXP adds a combat simulator to some stations (generally the higher-tech ones) where you can set up controlled battles against particular opponents. To start a fight, go to the interfaces screen (F4) and select "Combat Simulator". Then, select the ships, skill, and numbers of your opponent(s).

The fight will end if:

  • you defeat all your opponents
  • your ship would be destroyed
  • the simulator buoy is destroyed
  • you leave scanner range of the simulator buoy

You will not be able to use an escape pod or hyperspace during the simulation.

All damage taken, consumable items used, etc. during the fight will not be applied to your real ship. The ship you fly in the simulator will be your current ship in whatever state it is currently in.

There is no charge for using the simulator, but it is a popular service and there is often a queue. Expect to wait around ten minutes for your turn.



  • Random or
  • Light Fighter
Cobra Mk I
  • Medium Fighter
Sidewinder Escort
  • Heavy Fighter
Cobra Mk III
Iron Sidewinder

You also select skills & number of opponents


Download Combat Simulator 1.1 or through the in-game Expansions Manager

This OXP requires Oolite 1.80 or better and Ship Storage Helper OXP: it will not run otherwise.


While some of the simulated fights can be quite tough, and well outside the strength of anything you might normally encounter, this is mitigated by you never having to fight in those fights, and it being impossible for you to actually die as a result. Still, you should probably start with the easy settings, unless you're already a renowned combateer.


  • Cim also wrote the combat training package in the in-game Tutorial.
  • Not to be confused with the Lave Academy OXP (one or more training academies in each galaxy with various training courses available).
  • Cim did much work analysing player's combat styles, writing an initial combat package to do so. This then became his Combat Arena oxp in 2012. That then became this! See his user page for links to the debates around combat for Oolite v.1.80 & 1.82.

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