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The CB-HUD Mark II is developed and produced by the Crab-Boolean Corporation located on Riredi in galaxy 1. The HUD is the "cash-cow" of Crab-Boolean and makes up almost 40% of their sales. Cargo-ship pilots especially like this HUD because it has an extra large scanner as well as additional control lights for important equipment.


CB-HUD Mark II.png
The mid-size grey ring marks the 2:1 magnification zone. If you increase the scanner magnification from 1:1 to 2:1, all blips inside the mid-size ring stay visible.

The small grey ring marks the close-up range (in 1:1 magnification) when using a military laser.

CB-HUD Mark II Crosshairs

If you are aiming at a ship that is within close-up range, you should set your aim a little bit above the point you want to hit. The nearer the ship, the further above.


  • Classic HUD. No Javascript is needed
  • Bigger scanner
  • Bigger space-compass with integrated gauges for pitch, roll, and yaw
  • Customized ComLog- and message-GUI
  • Customized surrounds
  • Contrast backgrounds
  • Customized crosshairs (change colour when on target)
  • Additional control lights
  • Scales

Minimum requirements

Oolite 1.74+. No dependencies.


After unzipping, move or copy the .OXP-folder into the AddOns folder of your oolite installation.

Known issues

This OXP is not compatible with the Target Reticle OXP. CB-HUD already has the proper setting to turn the reticle red when on target.

CB-HUD Mark 1


Current version

Old versions